SONS OF KAL-EL – Songs From The Phantom Zone

The Sons of Kal-El giveth ten new creations from the phantom zone, the fictional prison which holds the likes of General Zog.

Have I lost you? No? Good. The Sons of Kal-El is a four piece crew with vast influences from top of the mountain bands such as Audioslave, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. Time has come to release their work to the world.

Formed of the ashes of a previous band where Chad Sutherland (vocals) plied his trade, he is joined by Lee Churchill and Aaron Beeken; Sons of Kal-El formed. Their début, Songs From The Phantom Zone is released via CLA records.

Garnering a fan base at their live shows is proof that something is in the shadows waiting to explode the senses of the youth. This is appropriate as the opening track is called Wasted Youth. Songs From The Phantom Zone is an album of personal issues and dark thoughts that bleeds an impressive sound.

Too much alcohol as the cause of nights and days never remembered is part of what make World Of Shame a gritty and heavy tune, a definite highlight of the record. Aaron Beeken is off with a guitar solo that enlightens the listener to what talent he has. World of Shame is a big stage sing-along and it’s also one of those tunes that would go down well even in the dirtiest, darkest pubs, with the clientele chanting “drinking the world away.”

Sons of Kal-El have big songs within this record; Follow Light Reading is a power ballad, with a fast paced guitar solo mixed with Chad Sutherland belting out the lyrics with aplomb. Last Goodbye is a soulful dark tune that will have lighters in the air when the band performs it live (of course due to laws within this country, flames are not permitted in music venues. However, if the law was relaxed for one night, all lighters would shine during this track)

The ten songs on this debut album grow stronger and more powerful as they mature. The final track, Vultures, bellows out a stage shaking exit which Alice Cooper would enjoy.

Born in Peterborough, not Krypton, Sons of Kal-El are ready to leave a mark on anyone who wears underwear over their trousers – and those who do not.



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