Live Report:11 Paranoias / Ommadon / Dead Woman’s Ditch / Cementimental – The Black Heart 31/1/15


Tonight Camden’s Black Heart wants to warp your senses. It’s going to be very loud and very heavy. Noise is the order of the evening and it will go through you. Welcome to Cosmic Carnage and some choice offerings from the underground.

Standing at the back by the bar and cradling a beer, I’m suddenly struck by a sound that makes me feel like I’ve been trapped inside an amplifier that has just as it’s been switched on. I am instantly reminded of the final few minutes of the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s version of Wild Thing at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 just before the sacrifice of his guitar. The creators of this glorious cacophony however are Cementimental, who are seated on the floor in front of the stage with all manner of gadgetry creating a blistering noise. The small but enthusiastic audience seem pretty happy about it too. At the end of their set I’m left a little bewildered but more than a little interested…

I wasn’t expecting the sight and sound sensation that followed. Dead Woman’s Ditch are a must see band. Their truly brutal sound is brilliantly complemented by a video backdrop reminiscent of that used by Electric Wizard. Psychedelic horror imagery helps take those in attendance on a mind bending trip with a soundtrack that crushes the senses. At once atmospheric and exhilarating – you need to see them!

Glasgow’s Ommadon announce themselves with a droning, fuzz laden blitz before unleashing gargantuan riffs. If you’re into Sleep’s Dopesmoker, then these are the guys for you. Primal and at times very urgent and unrelenting, they create a dense wall of sound that astonishes and smashes its way through you.

11 Paranoias headline tonight’s bill and there is definitely a sense of expectancy. I first saw them at Desertfest 2014 and wasn’t going to miss tonight’s gig. They don’t disappoint either. Dark and brooding at times, their set feels sinister. Big, droning grooves are complemented by dramatic drum fills. Towards the end, their sound almost feels apocalyptic much to the approval of the gathered.

This was a brilliant night again at The Black Heart. There were plenty of smiling faces and nods of approval throughout  everyone’s set. The music tonight was very physical and powerful. I will definitely be catching all these bands again.

And so, another successful evening in the eternal quest for heaviness. Removing myself from the warmth of the music underground, I am left with that ever so satisfying hum in my ears that only bands of this evening’s quality can deliver.

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