The heavy metal heavens opened up at The Unicorn on Saturday night and rained down some of the most pulverising riffage courtesy of five brilliant underground bands. From around the country they came led by Alunah. This was…AWESOME…

There is a healthy crowd from the outset which helped create a lively atmosphere for these bands to showcase their wares.

Famyne don’t take long to set the mood. The Black Sabbath influences are plain to see and an enigmatic front man in Tom Vane, warms up the gathering perfectly. A little maniacal and with plenty of energy and enthusiasm, these guys kicked off the evening well.

Wow…Gèvaudan were bloody brilliant – absolutely blistering riffs that tore The Unicorn apart. This is really heavy stuff that I could not get enough of. Judging by the reaction from everyone here, I think this was a common feeling. This is definitely a young band to keep an eye on.

Next up, Hagstone maintain the standard and are the sort of band that make you want to drink beer. Yes! With a nice, big crunchy sound they manage to keep the masses sweaty with gritty, no frills heavy metal.

The next two bands made our MetalMouth “Kick Ass list of 2014”. Sea Bastard and Alunah really are Lords of The Underground. Never disappointing, Sea Bastard’s wrecking ball sound is matched by a stage presence that is commanding. Few bands deliver such passionate, ear shattering gigs as consistently. Whether it’s the sound of the Earth opening up to those big, dirty riffs or the searing vocals screaming back at you, theirs is a live act you must see.

Alunah’s fast growing reputation for delivering classic British doom metal is well deserved. Those smooth Soph Day vocals over rich, powerful guitar and rhythm work prove why they are young standard bearers for the genre. At times they almost sound imperial and there is a trance-like quality about their set. Tracks from their latest release Awakening The Forest get a nice work out. This is the band to watch in the future.

The music is one thing, the community is another and there was such a nice vibe around The Unicorn tonight. 

 I’m lucky I get to a lot of gigs but sometimes certain nights really stand out. This was one of them – five absolutely brilliant bands and it was great to see plenty of support. 

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