MetalMouth Premiere: Stream THE SUN NEVER SET’s crackin’ debut EP

MetalMouth Premiere: Stream THE SUN NEVER SET’s crackin’ debut EP

the sun never set

Exciting young band The Sun Never Set have now delivered their impressive self-titled debut EP and you can hear it here first, exclusively on MetalMouth.

Equally inspired by the three peaks of post-hardcore, post-metal and metalcore, with an underlying groove firmly planted in the prog zone.

The Sun Never Set is the product of two years’ worth of grafting by this talented young band with easily identifiable potential.

No strangers to on-stage chaos (multiple stitches required) or intrigue (just don’t ask about the band’s secret sixth member), The Sun Never Set are a promising new addition to the UK’s burgeoning post-metal scene.

Says the band,“It’s been a long and difficult couple of years since we got together – but we set out to make something that stands out from the rest, which we could really be proud of, and would leave us heading in the right direction for the future of the band. We hope you all enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed the journey of creating it.”

Check out the impressive EP below. Throw away your impressions of screamy kids with no songwriting skills, this is the grown-up version of prog inspired metalcore, and it’s easy to hear why we were keen to premiere the offering. 

Recommended track: ‘Valiant’. It’s a killer listen.

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