British Zomcom ‘Meet The Cadavers’ Set For Release In 2014

Meet The Cadavers

The British comedy horror film Meet The Cadavers, written by and starring Spit Like This frontman Lord Zion, is already getting plenty of attention well before its release.

The movie also features Spit Like This bass player Vikki Spit and legendary metal DJ and TV host Krusher Joule. The film’s story centres around the Cadaver family billed as “Just like any other ordinary family… Except they’re Zombies.” Zion and Vikki play Victor and Kelly who have two children Sidney and Myrtle. Also tagging along is Sidney’s best friend Barnaby, who is a human.


Being pitched as laying somewhere between The Addams Family and The Inbetweeners, Meet The Cadavers is set to feature at none other than the Cannes Film festival, as either a trailer or a rough cut.

With the British film industry doing well in many fields, it does look as though this undead Carry On may well be in the right place at the right time. With a likely run time of around 80 minutes this is very much a full length feature and sequels are already being planned.

With the film audience fascination for Zombies showing no signs of diminishing, this British take on the genre could well be the surprise package of 2014.


Meet The Cadavers – Facebook  |  Meet The Cadavers – Official Site

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