Exclusive Album Stream: CHRYSALIS “Focus on the Center”

Exclusive Album Stream: CHRYSALIS “Focus on the Center”

chrysalis album stream

Southern California’s genre-bending veterans Chrysalis are due to release their cracking new album ‘Focus on the Center’, on May 12 2014.

Some albums can be read straightforwardly, a linear progression from start to finish. Not ‘Focus on the Center’, however. This is grown-up metal, an album as full of twists and turns as a helix on a merry-go-round. Incorporating elements from post-metal, hardcore and post-hardcore, alternative rock and electronica, ‘Focus on the Center’ is a release with too many labels to really give it justice.

Chrysalis are a band with a long and winding history. Forming in 2003, Focus on the Center is the first release in seven years for a band that are still remarkably young, still only in their twenties.

Focus on the Center was produced and recorded by John Miller, mixed by Danny Concho with additional drum recording, production, and digital editing by Kris Comeaux (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus / Lorene Drive),

Buy on iTunes – itunes.apple.com/us/album/focus-on-the-center/

Listen to it in full here:


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