Exclusive Album Premiere: Stream Progressive Death Metallers FERIUM – “Reflections”

Exclusive Album Premiere:  Stream Progressive Death Metallers FERIUM – “Reflections”


Israeli metal band FERIUM have just released their debut album ‘Reflections’ via Transcend music on 7th  April 2014 which took four years to create.

Having grown up in the city of Haifa, living in constant fear of attack and threat of violence is an every day nightmare for this young band. Although they have no political messages or affiliations, the constant strains on their lives and tragedies experienced have indirectly inspired this debut.

Formed in 2006, FERIUM were initially inspired by Pantera and Lamb Of God but over time progressive influence from the likes of Textures, Gojira and Death found its way into their sound.

After my first listen, they death metalled their way into my heart. With intricate blasts, memorable riffs and a pained and wrathful vocal, all the ingredients combine to ferocious, yet melodic effect.

Expect to want to snarl and punch puppies without remorse when listening to “Reflections”, it’s a remarkably absorbing and intense barrage of  rage.

Scroll to the bottom too to watch the video for ‘Reflections’.

Order the album here:

Physical: www.transcendmusic.bigcartel.com
iTunes: goo.gl/JTYuVL

Listen to Reflections exclusively here:

Ferium Online: www.facebook.com/FeriumIsrael

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