DEMONIC RESURRECTION frontman Launches new BACON show


Demonic Resurrection frontman, Demonstealer, who hosts the heavy metal cooking show Headbanger’s Kitchen, has just released a promo video for a brand new show called ‘Bacon Tadka’.

“Ever since Headbanger’s Kitchen was started, my bacon creations have been the most popular, as well as the meat being a global phenomenon. So it seemed only natural to do something with bacon, but I wanted to do something unique and what better way than to baconize Indian food. So on the show we take classic Indian dishes and figure out a way to add bacon into it and still make it taste great. That’s what Bacon Tadka is all about” commented Demonstealer.
The show will release it’s first episode around the last week of January on the Headbanger’s Kitchen Channel. (

Watch the promo here:

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