Bloodstock New Blood Stage Preview: SYNAPTIK

Bloodstock New Blood Stage Preview: SYNAPTIK

Every year harrasses every single band set to play Bloodstock Festival’s New Blood Stage because, like Bloodstock, we are keen to show you exactly how much talent there is on the emerging metal scene.

This year is no different. Don’t stay put in front of the main stage, come and check out bands that may well end up headlining in years to come.

Bloodstock Festival takes place on 7-10 August at Catton Park. BUY TICKETS NOW


Band Members: Ian Knight (IK) – Guitarist, John Knight (JK) -Vocals, lyrics, logo design, album art & layout design, poster design, manager, promoter (I’m so tired ha ha – need a management company to take over please) :), Kev Jackson (KJ) – Bassist, Jack Murton (JM) – Lead Guitarist, Pete Loades (PL) – Drumist
Year Formed: 2012 (or 1012 according to Bloodstock page ha ha)
Location: Norwich, UK
The band at Bloodstock most likely to (eat a cat”, dance a tango wearing a clown suit..etc etc):
(Kev) All of the above, no doubt about it.
(John) But me personally, I won’t be eating a Cat, I’ll juggle a kitten or two maybe, whilst wearing fur lined lizard skin thigh boots and a The Sun Explodes shirt, as is my want of a weekend.

(Jack) Eat pies, drink beer, play guitar.



Give me the ‘Hollywood Film’ version of how the band formed and how you came to be named..
(Kev) “Born from an egg on a mountain top………”
(Rest of band bursts into song……) ……….chaos ensues.
(Much later, John……) Sorry, our answer was seemingly forgotten about in the ensuing blur of loud singing and various Monkey, Tripitaka, Sandy & Pigsy impersonations with full martial arts displays. Resulting in glass breakages and grazed shins……………. I’ll just say DUMB & DUMBER.

What style of metal do you play?
(Jack) I would say we are melodic metal… maybe with a hint of death / prog…
And probably many more. (Laughs) That didn’t help much did it.

(Kev) A mixed bag. Death/Thrash & Progressive… sometimes as heavy as osmium, sometimes as light as magnesium, sometimes pretty & sometimes ugly. Still… it’s all METAL.

(John) I think we have elements of all those genres, my melodic clean vocal style mixes it up and makes it difficult to pigeon hole us. The music can be brutal and fast yet I will sing melodically over the top, it keeps it fresh and I think its a good thing. Kinda like Nevermore I guess, and that was one of the bands Bloodstock’s Simon Hall compared us to when we spoke after the Metal To The Masses Competition, which is great of course as they were an incredible band.
(Ian) We like to mix it up, bit of Death, bit of prog, little bit of tech (we were – Kev, John & myself) previously in a technical thrash band called Inner Sanctum and you can never leave the tech behind, it creeps in occasionally.

What bands would you say your music is ‘for fans of’ ?
(Kev) Psychotic Waltz, Sanctuary, Bee Gee’s… to name a few.
(John) Death, Atheist, Nevermore, Forbidden, Judas Priest, Queensryche, Portrait, Cliff (80’s Era)
(Jack) Mutiny Within, Nevermore, Arch Enemy…..
(Ian) All those plus Voivod, Celtic Frost, Believer, Possessed & Deathrow
(Pete) Anyone into METAL

How did you get your slot at the Festival?
(Kev) We entered the M2TM Norwich. Luckily, Simon Hall accepts favours & Pete doesn’t mind being pimped out, seriously though, thanks to Simon Hall for giving us the opportunity & picking us to play. An honour it truly is.
(John) Petes bottom already looks like an hippo yawning so he didn’t mind.
(Pete) I’m leaving the band…….
(Ian) Who said you are in, you’re still on trial.
(Pete) It’s been almost three years!?
(Jack) Let’s just see how you do at Bloodstock then we’ll let ya know.
(all laugh….except Pete)
(Pete) Cunts!

What’s the first thing you did after you found out you had a slot?
(Kev & John simultaneously) Changed our pants!
(Jack) Bought a pint and ate a pack of mini cheddars and was like yeahhhhh. As it was late I went to bed not long after. Remember I’m young and need my beauty sleep.
(John) He’s still Teething bless him. But shreds like a pro.

Which of your tracks do you think will create the biggest wave of head banging?
(Pete) All of them
(Kev) Hopefully our cover of ‘Wake me up before you Go Go’ by Wham will kill but I expect our own song ‘Allies’ may stand a good chance.
(Ian) We aren’t doing a cover of ‘Wake me up before you Go Go’ – just to make that perfectly clear.
(Pete) It’s ‘I’m your man’, get it right!
(John) Moving on! … question.

Is this the largest event you have played, and what are the nerves like?
(Kev) Yeah probably is Bloodstock. Some members have previously played Download & supported the mighty Iron Maiden but this is new for Synaptik. I don’t really get nervous anymore.

(John) Yes, this means so much more as Synaptik, it feels so right, the timing is better for us as a band, we have a single & video out soon (featuring guest vocals from Technical Metal legend Alan Tecchio), album to follow that and will be looking for management to help take us to the next level. I don’t so much get nervous, I just get so eager to get on and play, it’s so frustrating waiting to play, I guess that may be my way of showing nerves. But we have gigged enough, we know what we are doing, so have fun and play.

Which band member(s) are likely to have the most incriminating photos after the festival? 
(All) Pete!
(Kev) Pete, without question. He is a drummer… & he drinks his own homebrew!
(John) That is crazy, although who’s crazier, we all drink it too. Well not all of it, I used some to strip my paintwork off last week whilst decorating.
(Jack) Tastes of piss.
(Ian) Probably is!
(Pete) That’s only to thin it out. Adds colour.
(John) All photos have been seized by scientists as evidence as part of an ongoing study into how Pete is still alive.

Which bands are you most looking forward to seeing?
(John) Carcass (Been so long), Flotsam & Jetsam (Their ‘The Cold’ album is one of my faves in recent years, needed some screams though, missed them), Saxon.
(Kev) Flotsam, Prong, Carcass (again)

What have been the best moments  for you at previous Bloodstock Festivals?
(Kev) Hanging out with Atheist & drinking too much.
(John) Yes that was cool, great to see Tony play again. Seeing Coroner again, Nevermore, Testament…..lots of drink with good friends. So many cool memories.

What is your current release? Explain a little about it….
(Kev) A raw unadulterated melting pot of ideas. The rest… go John

(John) Current release is a ‘little brown fish!’ The album “The Mechanisms of Consequence” will be released on German label ‘Rebel tune Records’ ( in a couple of months. It is a great mix of metal if I say so myself, some fast as hell songs, some melodic vocals alongside crunching bone breaking beats, insane shred solos and riffage with added Halford screams. Expect a dizzying double-barreled assault of intricate melody and sheer power. SYNAPTIK combines the attack of melodic death metal with the deadly subtlety of progressive metal, I’m not saying we have reinvented the wheel, but we are certainly something a little different.

Give one good reason/threat/sob story as to why fans should come watch you...
(Ian) We’ll give out some of Pete’s homebrew.
(Kev) Are bribes accepted? We tip well.
(John) My ‘tip’ is to not drink Pete’s homebrew Ha Ha.
(Jack) My tip is sore, I think I just caught it in my zip.
(Pete) What was the question again?

Show your excitement in one Tweet (140 characters only!)
(John) meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!! (I counted them…… so we are ok)
(Kev) Er…….whoohoo
(Ian) Yippee (Copyright, Youngling Anankin Skywalker in The Phantom menace)Wait!, No one genuinely says Yippee nowadays do they? Screw you Lucas!!
(Jack) I don’t do twatter…….. Yey!
(Pete) Huzzah! Bloodstock. But after that what will I wear for Top of the Pops?!
(it then drifted off into a cacophony of Bad News quotes & songs before lots of Rik Mayall impressions (R.I.P) until we all finally succumbed to Pete’s homebrew and gently drifted into a coma awaiting the ambulance…………………………. x

See you in the pit!

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