Bloodstock New Blood Stage Preview: Jonestown

Bloodstock New Blood Stage Preview: Jonestown

Every year harrasses every single band set to play Bloodstock Festival’s New Blood Stage because, like Bloodstock, we are keen to show you exactly how much talent there is on the emerging metal scene.

This year is no different. Don’t stay put in front of the main stage, come and check out bands that may well end up headlining in years to come.

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Band Members: Harley Anderson (Vocals), Craig Radford (Guitars/Backing Vocals), Pete Greenhalgh (Bass), Rich Owen (Drums)
Year Formed:  2014
Location: Brighton

The band at Bloodstock most likely to:  Deliver with blood, sweat and no tears.

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Give me the ‘Hollywood Film’ version of how the band formed and how you came to be named..

Both Rich and Harley have a massive interest in history, anthropology and we considered a few different ideas with regards to naming the band. The two most persistent ideas we came up with were Jonestown, (after the infamous Reverend Jim Jones’ failed Christian utopian Peoples Temple Agricultural project of the late 1970’s) and the other name which was also a possibility was Aokigahara, (the forest in the lap of Mount Fuji, Japan, which has become world famous for two things, it’s natural beauty and the fact that it’s a suicide hotspot.) Jonestown was the more preferable of the two since it is only two syllables and the more punchy of the two phonetically. We didn’t want to fall into anything which was too much of a heavy metal cliché and I think that the name Jonestown has a little bit of an enigma about it, it doesn’t quite tell you what it is or what it isn’t… But when you do find out where it comes from, it makes a whole lot of sense.

What style of metal do you play?

Jonestown play a very groove based modern style, recently Metal Hammer’s Dom Lawson described us as… “Skull-shattering grooves, churning dissonance and a dash of bellicose hardcore intensity ensure that these burly brutes have the perfect vehicle for vocalist Harley Anderson’s incensed delivery.” I don’t think we could put it more perfectly ourselves.

What bands would you say your music is ‘for fans of’ ?

Gojira,  Hatebreed, Strapping Young Lad, Lamb Of God.

How did you get your slot at the Festival?

We won the South East Metal 2 the Masses competition.

What’s the first thing you did after you found out you had a slot?

We stood outside the venue and had a few photographs taken. To be honest it didn’t feel real at the time, there was a level of disconnect on part of us all, obviously we were excited but also conscious of the fact that we were with friends of ours playing in other bands who hadn’t been as fortunate.

Which of your tracks do you think will create the biggest wave of head banging?

Different crowds react differently but I think “History of a Drowning Boy” (which takes its name from a characters diatribe in a Stephen King novel)  and the title track of our forthcoming record “The Erebus and the Terror” will go down well for very different reasons. One is like a mix up between modern metal and New York Hardcore and the other sounds like an argument between Strapping Young Lad and Obituary.

Is this the largest event you have played, and what are the nerves like?

The past 6 months of this band have been very intense. We recently supported Soulfly down here in Brighton which was crazy but obviously Bloodstock is an honour… Unlike supporting on a local tour show, this is an amalgamation of heavy music less than 50 miles from its birthplace, so definitely Bloodstock is the biggest thing we will have done in our very short history. With regards to nerves, at the moment our collective game face is stoic but behind that we’re all feeling a little nervous… The trick is not showing it.

Which band member(s) are likely to have the most incriminating photos after the festival? 


jonestown band 2014

Which bands are you most looking forward to seeing?

It’s pretty eclectic but the list goes something like this… Down, Hatebreed, Carcass, Amon Amarth, Crowbar, Emperor, Biohazard and our friends in both King Goat and Resin.

What have been the best moments  for you at previous Bloodstock Festivals?

At the Gates, Jason Rouse and Twisted Sister (Always thought Dee Snider was very articulate, intelligent and all in all a pretty cool dude, I watched them on that premise and was totally blown away by their stage craft, presence and performance)

What is your current release? Explain a little about it….

It’s our first release, “The Erebus and The Terror”, the name comes from two ships which were part of an ill fated Artic expedition led by John Franklin in 1846. They were looking for the Northwest passage to the far east and all they found was death. It’s a very harrowing story of cannibalism, bad luck and nature’s continuity as the greatest force on the planet. The fate of these ships and sailors wasn’t known until the 1980’s and it’s one of the most bleak and terrifying stories in British history, thus making it great material for a song. The songs all have very different themes and ideas lyrically whilst musically transcending through different sub genres of metal. The record is very diverse with elements of thrash, death metal and hardcore but all in all I would just describe our sound as metal.

Give one good reason/threat/sob story as to why fans should come watch you…

Our set starts at [deleted to abide by BOA rules] on the Friday evening just as [a band] finishes, [edited out, else you may risk your slot!] you won’t be let down.

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