UPDATED: ALT-FEST CANCELLED “If it’s gone it won’t come back. They haven’t got the resources.”, source states.

Alt Fest

Alt Fest

A variety of bands booked to play Alt-Fest this year have taken to social media confirming the event has been cancelled, before the organisers have made an announcement.

Alt-Fest 2014 was to take place between 15-17 August in Kettering, and to be the first major UK festival that placed goth and industrial together in a live large event.

Alt Fest ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in April of 2013, raising over £60,000 towards the festival.

alt-fest 2014 cancelled

Rather than it being a deliberate attempt to withdraw quietly, a MetalMouth exclusive source regarding Alt Fest states,  that “I suspect they [Alt Fest] are contacting all involved first before making a statement so no one finds out via social media.”

“It makes me think they’ve been clobbered by something unexpected. The site had to have a move around because part of it wasn’t prepared well enough which meant getting council approval for the new layout. That was granted a few weeks ago but I’m wondering if something similar has derailed it.”

“If it’s gone it won’t come back. They haven’t got the resources.”, says the source.

Simon Hall of Beholder, whose band was supposed to headline the Sophie Lancaster Stage on Saturday commented “I got confirmation via text message but also spoke with some of the main stage acts and they’ve also been told,”

“For me and Beholder, we were open to this whole thing and initially extremely excited about headlining the Sophie Lancaster stage, but to be honest, with the way this has developed (or not as the case may be) it leaves me hollow to think so many fans, traders and support staff will end up losing out,” Hall continued.

Hall and others also say that they expected this to happen. “It started with a pledge scheme as fans entrusted in a unique concept and ended with media scrambling over themselves to be involved, bands not being advanced and being drip fed bullshit for months and fans being dumped on last minute. Something that I personally had visions of months ago,” Hall says.

Rob Ferguson of Trancend PR, who had five bands booked to play Alt-Fest, commented. “I feel extremely sorry for all those who will undoubtedly lose money. Bad times.”

I’m coming from Australia for this. Well, I was…” said disappointed fan, Witchfinder manager, and SF Media owner Robyn Morrison, who now plans to spend a week in London instead of cancelling her plane ticket.

UPDATE: 19.30pm – Myriad bands including Enemo J, Killing Joke, Kilgora and Malefice have all received notifications by either email or text that their band has been cancelled. Still no official announcement from Alt Fest.

 UPDATE: 19.37pm  Alt Fest tickets have been removed from sale on the website.

UPDATE: Enemo J posted the following regarding Alt Fest being cancelled.

“We have some very bad news regarding alt-fest we have heard now via the stage manager that it has been cancelled, we hope that it returns in the future and comes bigger and better, we have seen some other bands slate this I find that very unprofessional and very non productive – we hope the Alt – fest staff are ok and wish them through this extremely difficult period
As regarding any refunds please contact alt-fest directly I’m sure they’d be happy to help
Here’s the statement we received –
I am emailing you now as I am sure you have seen all the speculation on the internet regarding “Alt-fest”.
I have been reliably informed by HQ that Alt-fest is cancelled although no statement has of yet been forthcoming.
I would like to thank you all personally for your belief and support and for doing everything you could do to make this festival a success. Sadly it was not to be due too internal issues which I am sure will be explained.
I am very sorry to tell you this as I also was very excited too see it happen.
I wish you the best in all that you do.
Kindest regards to you all.
I will be available for any questions etc., tomorrow if you wish.

UPDATE: 8.26PM Marilyn Manson removes Alt Fest tab from his Facebook page

UPDATE: Automatic text link to Bloodstock removed because of implied association with ‘baiting’ or ‘involvement’.  

UPDATE: Cradle Of Filth cancel their event

cof cancelled

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