5 Bands You NEED To See At Damnation Festival



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5 Bands You NEED To See At Damnation Festival

5 Bands You NEED To See At Damnation Festival

It’s that time of year again, the cold is setting in and things are getting their gloom on. Which means two things, Damnation Festival is near and the atmosphere is right for black metal once more.

Damnation Festival have gone all out this year to bring us one of THE best lineups they’ve ever delivered, I’ve picked five bands from the festival that are a must see for all involved!



5) – Falloch

Whilst I’m sure everyone is excited to see Cannibal Corpse and Bolt Thrower, my excitement this year is with the underdogs of this festival starting with Falloch. The Scottish atmospheric metallers are set to bring their emotional and brooding live show to Leeds University, fresh from the release of their latest cut This Island, Our Funeral, the band have stepped up their game dramatically and this blend of atmospheric rock and black metal is sure to make these chaps one of the most remembered bands at this years festival.

4) – FEN

Fen are a relatively unknown band to me, but what I have heard from them I’ve fallen in love with. These progressive black metallers are an interesting bunch and with their new album Carrion Skies scheduled for release on November 22nd the dramatic and oppressive wall of sound these guys generate is overwhelmingly powerful. I have no doubt in my mind that these guys are gonna tear the roof off of the venue when they hit the stage.

The song I’ve attached is the first single from their new album and it’s simply sublime. A dramatic powerplay between shoegaze and black metal make for enthralling and immersive listening. Both beautiful and deadly this track has it all and I believe a perfect representation of the band!

3) – Obsidian Kingdom

Spanish post rockers Obsidian Kingdom make their Damnation début, blending classic prog sensibilities with the subtle heavyness of Cult Of Luna the band forge their own path in the ever swelling forest that is heavy metal. This melancholic monster is a spectacular one, and one that has to be seen to be believed. Bask in the wonder and beauty that is Obsidian Kingdom! Huzzah!



Manchester black metallers Winterfylleth make a return to Damnation Festival on the back of the release of one of the finest albums this year, The Divination of Antiquity. The band will be welcomed by a capacity crowd I have no doubt. Their brand of historical and mythical black metal is a lesson is sublime musical composition. With sweeping sound scapes that freely meander and crash, this ever flowing tirade of darkness will envelope and captivate the audience and after their remarkably powerful performance at this years Bloodstock Festival it’s plain to see the band are intent upon taking the world by storm.


I can’t begin to describe how excited the prospect of seeing these guys makes me, the Icelandic powerhouse that is Sólstafir will be making their début at Damnation Festival this year and on the back of another of this years magnificent albums. This one is entitled Ótta and this time the band have created a piece of art that mapped out in the emotions and soundscapes of a single day through the ancient Icelandic solar hours called eykt, with each of the tracks becoming the embodiment of each of one of the eight eykts. I can’t wait to see this art come to life on stage in the most spectacular manner, when the peaceful yet heavy tracks Sólstafir have created breathe their own breaths and hold on for dear life. EXCITING!

Fans who arrive in Leeds the night before can warm-up for Damnation Festival with A Night of Salvation at The Belgrave Music Hall, featuring Dyscarnate, Hang the Bastard, Latitudes, The Atrocity Exhibit and Cattle. Tickets priced £6 are available on the door.

Tickets for Damnation Festival are priced £36 and on sale now from http://www.damnationfestival.co.uk

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