MAMMOTHFEST PREVIEW: THE SUN EXPLODES “We try our best to write music that hasn’t been done to death already”


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MAMMOTHFEST PREVIEW: THE SUN EXPLODES “We try our best to write music that hasn’t been done to death already”

MAMMOTHFEST PREVIEW: THE SUN EXPLODES “We try our best to write music that hasn’t been done to death already”

Brighton’s Favourite Heavy Festival, Mammothfest, is back with a meteoric bang in 2015 bringing with it some of the hottest UK rising stars and a whole bunch of international artists to boot.

MetalMouth is bringing you the full lowdown on the hot and heavy new talent Mammothfest has secured for 2015, which is some of the best the UK has to offer.

The Sun Explodes fired back some spiffing answers about Rocky amongst other things containing random words we don’t even understand.

sun explodes

The Sun Explodes

Techy proggy/unclassifiable metal with a penchant for sweaty energetic live performance, sporadic nakedness and unlimited internet memes.

What would you say has been your best achievement so far as an artist?
Hometown gigs, playing in front of a couple hundred people who know our music, they’re always the highlight. Also Daves almost as ubiquitous on the internet now as open strings are at Mammothfest.

So what have you been up to in the last 12 months that is noteworthy, funny, or just downright interesting?
We’ve done a couple of UK tours, played some awesome festivals and recorded an EP for release this year. Before a tour in April, almost to the day in fact, our drummer got himself Hemorrhoids (i googled the spelling for that as i got it so wrong, my emails spellchecker lost its shit). That was fairly funny. For everyone but him.

How are you promoting yourself as an emerging artist and getting yourself out there?
The same way everyone else is really, social media and as much gigging as our complicated “5 people working full time” situation allows! It’s weird/perhaps somewhat depressing to be thought of as an emerging artist as we prepare to release our 4th CD in our 6th year of being a band, true though! As far as “getting ourselves out there”, tinder is cool. [Emerging artists are ones that aren’t yet playing main stages at huge festivals, we find it’s more appropriate than calling a band ‘unsigned’, which historically carried a stigma – Ed]

What is the band ethos as a whole?
Innovate don’t imitate; We try our best to write music that hasn’t been done to death already. Performance is everything; This band still exists because all 5 of us love playing shows.

What bands are your music ‘For fans of’?
I googled this, cos i have no idea. I found a metalmouth review that says: “Muse, 36 Crazyfists, 30 Seconds to Mars, Queen, Bloc Party” I don’t know who half of these bands are though, so maybe these? I only really listen to music in the gym, and then its just usually eye of the tiger or other music featured in Rocky. I don’t think we sound like that though. [Whut the…whut? – Ed]

What is your current release, tell me a little about the process, lyrical theme and concept (if any)?
We have a new EP to be released hopefully the first half of this year, lots of details coming soon!

Do you have a video out? If so, explain what it’s about, who created it, the reason for choosing that particular song..
New video coming soon. Here’s an old one. The video by videoink, it’s about us gan radge in on a building site, song picked because its radge as fuck. [What even is a gan radge? – Ed]

Which other bands can you highly recommend to fans to come and check out at Mammothfest?
I haven’t heard of most of them, nor can I read most of their logos. Feed the Rhino are amazing, also highly recommend seeing friends in Cyclamen, Aeolist, Valis Ablaze.

Describe how you plan to blow the Mammothfest crowd into next week..what are you bringing to the table in terms of performance and originality and why should fans come and watch you?
Absolutely cacked my pants here, I misread the question and thought the festival was somehow happening next week. Fucking phew.

Like I said, our live shows are generally loud and sweaty and energetic. Maybe try listening to some of our shit on YouTube, and if you think you’d enjoy hearing it much louder whilst drinking a warm beer from a plastic cup surrounded by sweaty strangers then come watch us! [Beer will be ice cold, indoor venues 😉 – Ed]

Mammothfest early bird cheap tickets and discounted Merch is available NOW by clicking HERE.

Mammothfest takes place at 4 venues across 3 days in Brighton on October 2/3/4 2015.

More info:

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