MAMMOTHFEST Band Preview: AGHAST! “Our Music Is For Fans Of Rollerblading And Ordering Latte”


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MAMMOTHFEST Band Preview: AGHAST! “Our Music Is For Fans Of Rollerblading And Ordering Latte”

MAMMOTHFEST Band Preview: AGHAST! “Our Music Is For Fans Of Rollerblading And Ordering Latte”

Brighton’s Favourite Heavy Festival, Mammothfest, is back with a meteoric bang in 2015 bringing with it some of the hottest UK rising stars and a whole bunch of international artists to boot.

MetalMouth would like to bring you the skinny on the hot and heavy new talent, some of the best the UK has to offer.

Aghast! spill the beans on themselves and various other things, and thankfully didn’t make any mess. Well, perhaps a little.



Apparently, Aghast! are a band that was: “Born. Formed. Played. Died.” (Nb – The died bit hasn’t happened yet, Mammothfest aren’t in the habit of wheeling corpses on stage to perform, Download Festival, take note). Suffice to say, the lads play heavy and then they play heavier.

What would you say has been your best achievement so far as an artist?
Watching James put away a giant hot dog in Bristol. I can safely say, I have never been so proud of us.

So what have you been up to in the last 12 months that is noteworthy, funny, or just downright interesting?
We had a lovely time throwing ourselves around the UK and festivising at Bloodstock on the Sophie Stage. We were really chuffed by the turnout and the response. We released an album that changed the way we deal with CD printing companies. Distribution through Plastic Head (that was big for us, doing something properly), finding ourselves writing better songs (for us)…there’s this one… It’s horrible. You’ll love it.

How are you promoting yourself as an emerging artist and getting yourself out there?
As an emerging artist we understand the importance of keeping things fresh. We’ve experimented with different sounds and I think subconsciously over time tuned in to the ‘Aghast! sound’. We really want to elaborate on this vibe.

So really, we carry on doing what we’re doing; performing those high-energy shows and of course, getting the future sounds of the band down on record. It’s about gaining the momentum and keeping going, no matter what.

What is the band ethos as a whole?
Playing live, to anyone that will listen is what we love. And doing it together, as friends. Making crunchy grooves and having people nod along to them, as if saying; “yes… yes that is a good one”. Nod nod nod. We love it.

What bands is your music ‘For fans of’?
Rollerblading and ordering lattes. Also Pantera, The Forsaken, Napalm Death, Suffocation, Cryptopsy and Aborted. And The Crown. And Van Halen. And Cat Stevens.

What is your current release, tell me a little about the process, lyrical theme and concept (if any)?
The process was as such: We wrote a bunch of songs, over time, and finally enough people suggested we should release an album, so we did. And what a good idea that was. Other bands should try it. The songs are about how metal would sound if the people who played it were all a bit warped. The album was produced by Dez from The Safety Fire and mastered by Ue Nastasi (Gojira, Clutch, Killswitch Engage etc etc). It’s called ‘All The Rage’. It’s a full-length album consisting of 11 songs totalling 43 minutes. Some people, especially reviewers, have asked “why the long wait for the debut?!”…well, some of the songs on this record are brand spanking new but others such as ‘Bang To Rights’ and ‘It’s Your Funeral’ are years old, human years, proper years.

We don’t like to rush things, you know? We like things to ferment, to ‘come of age’. We took our time over it, instead of wolfing it down like a sweaty cheeseburger on the underground. We got Plastic Head to do the digital distro, with physical copies being sold by United Kingdom Extreme Metal Records and through ourselves, direct (not Sports Direct). We got some helpful advice and guidance from Josh McMorran (Bloodshot Dawn) and his management company; Chaotic Tapestry Management. We get him to curl our hair.

Do you have a video out? If so, explain what it’s about, who created it, the reason for choosing that particular song…
To promote our debut album, we released a lyric video to the title track on ‘All The Rage’. You can view it here:

BUT…there’s another one on the way. We’re doing it. We’re doing Noise Pollution, because it’s an excuse to have a party. Soon. Noise Pollution is the last track off the album. It’s the shortest out of the lot, but packs an almighty punch… right in the anus.

Which other bands can you highly recommend to fans to come and check out at Mammothfest?
Watch Scordatura, Gehtika, Psycroptic, Meta-Stasis and Hang the Bastard… but check out everyone you can, obviously.

Describe how you plan to blow the Mammothfest crowd into next week..what are you bringing to the table in terms of performance and originality and why should fans come and watch you?
If you want to smile and listen to metal, come.


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Mammothfest takes place at 4 venues across 3 days in Brighton on October 2/3/4 2015.

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mammothfest 2015 lineup

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