MAMMOTHFEST Band Preview: AEOLIST “We will probably be the only band at the festival to only perform ‘one song’…”


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MAMMOTHFEST Band Preview: AEOLIST “We will probably be the only band at the festival to only perform ‘one song’…”

MAMMOTHFEST Band Preview: AEOLIST “We will probably be the only band at the festival to only perform ‘one song’…”

Brighton’s Favourite Heavy Festival, Mammothfest, is back with a meteoric bang in 2015 bringing with it some of the hottest UK rising stars and a whole bunch of international artists to boot.

MetalMouth would like to bring you the skinny on the hot and heavy new talent, some of the best the UK has to offer.

Up next is very much a hot band, UK Progressive metallers, Aeolist.

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Aeolist are a 5 piece Progressive act hailing from Norwich. After releasing their Debut EP just over a year ago to critical acclaim, the young band are fast becoming one of the most exciting up and coming acts on the UK metal scene.

What would you say has been your best achievement so far as an artist?
Releasing our début EP, and then having the chance to go and play it to people across the country. Having people come to us at shows or messaging us on the internet telling us that they enjoy what we are doing, or about specific elements of the EP that they enjoy never gets old. It’s really great to see something you put a lot of work into find its place.

So what have you been up to in the last 12 months that is noteworthy, funny, or just downright interesting?
Playing shows, touring, writing. In the follow-up to our release just over a year ago we have played shows all over the place pretty constantly which has been great fun. We have played with some great bands, met some cool people and even played at a venue which I will not name, which had what we are pretty certain was a human poo near the entrance… I guess more interestingly we have also been writing quite a lot as well…

How are you promoting yourself as an emerging artist and getting yourself out there?
It’s a funny game in this day and age I suppose. The ever-present social media seems to dominate all. Our goal has been to get out on the ground and play shows. The heart of any and all success we have had is thanks to the guys over at Monolithic Music working to provide us with the opportunities, and helping to make people take notice though.

What is the band ethos as a whole?
I am not sure we have one that is really distinct as of yet. These things can take time to really develop, however I believe the real spirit of our EP is wrapped up in how we made the music. We worked together in our practise space as opposed to an individual working with Guitar Pro and had a big focus on structure and the overall flow of the record. I couldn’t say we will do it for every release, but it gave everyone a chance to make a mark in the writing process and gave us all a different perspective of the music as we made it. We wanted the EP to feel like a journey to a certain to degree.

What bands are your music ‘For fans of’?
To name a few:
The Mars Volta
The Dillinger Escape Plan
The Dear Hunter
Between the Buried and Me

What is your current release, tell me a little about the process, lyrical theme and concept (if any)?
The EP was something of an experiment in a way. The fact that it is all one track was the basis behind a lot of the decisions conceptually. We really wanted to see how song structure could change how you respond emotionally to a song based on what had come before, and how far song structure can allow you to stray away from the ‘sound’ you have established without it breaking the continuity of the whole record.

The last track IV is quite far removed from the sound of the rest of the tracks. Our hope is that the density and aggression of the tracks before, contrasted against the space and ambience of this track, will enhance the effect of the song. On a smaller scale, we wanted the songs to all have a nice internal flow, and smooth transitions between sections, but with plenty of progression. We wanted the songs to feel that they are always moving somewhere and doing something. We tend to switch around between different subdivisions a lot and between riffs to help maintain the feeling of progression.

Which other bands can you highly recommend to fans to come and check out at Mammothfest?
This is a difficult one to answer without just quoting the festival line up for us… Cyclamen, The Sun Explodes… You get the picture. We are probably most hyped for Nexilva collectively. Those guys fucking DESTROY live. One of the best live acts we have ever seen. Just go see them, you have to, to really get it.

Describe how you plan to blow the Mammothfest crowd into next week..what are you bringing to the table in terms of performance and originality and why should fans come and watch you?
We will probably be the only band at the festival to only perform “one song”… I suppose that’s the most glaring thing.

How Aeolist sound: (Bonus is this entire EP is free, so you can also download it!)

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Mammothfest takes place at 4 venues across 3 days in Brighton on October 2/3/4 2015.

More info:

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