Interview: GUTLOCKER “We went for a Coldplay approach but things never turn out as you planned.”

Gutlocker - Gutlocker EP

Woking groove merchants Gutlocker are set to release their début EP in the coming weeks entitled Gutlocker. February will mark the release and their entrance into the Metal 2 The Masses Reading 2015 competition among other heavy hitters in the local area.

The band hit hard and hit where it hurts, and in anticipation of their first release I was able to snatch a few words with the bands vocalist Craig McBrearty to see how he and the other members of Gutlocker are feeling about the release.

Gutlocker - Gutlocker EP


Hey Craig, thanks for taking the time out to chat, how is the band feeling about the release of your first EP?
Very excited. Glad we finally got it done we’re very happy with it. We went for a Coldplay approach but things never turn out as you planned.

How long did the EP come to fruition with regards to writing and recording the whole thing?
We were planning to do this e.p a year and a half ago, but it all got a bit political. Worked out for the best though because we gave ourselves breathing room to write new stuff that is more decent. Plus our current guitarist Peter joined at the start of last year with some nice riffage under his sleeve.

How did you find the recording process and were there any nerves about stepping into a studio?
We really enjoyed the process. We were lucky enough to have Paul Gill record us, he did a great job on Victorian Whore Dogs‘ second EP Hobo Chic, so we knew we could trust him to produce something great for us. There didnt appear to be any nerves. I think we have been aching for to get in the studio and do this EP.

What would you say are the main influences musically, vocally and lyrically on the EP?
Musically it would be an endless list. Gojira, Primus, Meshuggah, Helmet, Tool, System Of A Down etc. Whether anyone will hear our influences through our music is down to the listener. Vocally I would go for Mike Patton, Phil Anselmo, Max Cavalier, Jens Kidman and a good many others. Lyrically our songs are mostly about lessons I have leaned in life and lessons I’m still learning.

Gutlocker - Promo

Gutlocker (left to right): Dean Walker (drums), Craig McBrearty (vocals), Hannah Yeo (bass) and Pete Tucker (guitar). Picture courtesy of Trendkill Photos.


What made you all think that now was the right time to release an EP?
We have been eager to get an EP out for over a year now. But I’m glad we waited on it as we are happy with the songs we have now. What we had before was, well…shit.

Has it been a long road to get to this point?
It has been a bit of a bumpy road. Had a bit of a line up change etc. But we have all pulled through with a more teeth so to say.

Could you give me a brief run through of all of the songs, what they mean to you and the band?
Sure, Inferiority is about someone who compensates their insecurity for arrogance and is only good at bringing people down to their level of misery.

The Payoff is inspired by how you do so much for someone to only have in return a big kick in the balls.

Set In Stone is really just saying back the fuck off. You life is perfect good for you but stay off my case as im still working my butt off to make something out of mine.

Glass Grenade is in the title itself. Glass is fragile and it doesnt take much for it to break.

Are there any special mentions and any thanks that you would like to give out?
Of course Victorian Whore Dogs, End Of Salvation, The Red And The Black, Black Emerald, Ded Orse Greenhorn and The Muted Pitch. Ivor Edwards from XL promotions for giving us some great gigs. Paul for doing a great job on our EP, and of course the peeps who have come to watch our shows. Always appreciated never goes unnoticed.

Gutlocker - Promo 2

 Picture courtesy of Trendkill Photos.

2015 is shaping up to a busy beginning of the year for Gutlocker, with the release of the EP, Metal 2 The Masses and a multitude of other gigs coming up they are set to have a great year. Make sure you check these guys out whenever you can, and chat to them too, they’re a nice bunch.

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