Interview: DEMONIC RESURRECTION – “I Would Like To Be The Lord Of Grill”

Demonic Resurrection

Demonic Resurrection were announced to play at Scotland’s Les-Fest recently. I spoke to frontman Demonstealer about the booking, plus the future of Demonic Resurrection.

Formed in 2000, the group have been spearheading the rise of extreme metal genres in India. They’ve released three full length albums so far, with plans for a fourth to come out quite soon. They’re also very hard working – Demonstealer is involved in various other projects, plus has his own record label. Phew.

It looks like they’ve got another busy year ahead of them.

Firstly, you’ve just announced your first UK date for 2014. That’ll be at Les-Fest, in Scotland. What are your feelings on returning to the UK, and are you considering other dates here in 2014?

We are super excited to return to the UK. We’re hoping that we will cover some parts of Europe as well on this tour. We’re just now in the preliminary stages of booking our tour for 2014 so hopefully we will have a lot more dates to announce in the coming months.

Will you be performing any new material at Les-Fest?

Yes, we shall be playing new material on the 2014 tour as we expect our 4th album to be released by then so this would be the tour to promote it so we’re definitely going to have some new tracks in the set-list.

Do you have any upcoming tour plans for any other countries?

As mentioned the 2014 tour is a WIP and we’ll be announcing more dates across UK and Europe in the coming months.

Footage recently surfaced of your 2012 performance at Bloodstock Festival. Would you like to tell us a bit about that?

In early 2012 we decided to crowd-fund a music video for our song A Tragedy Befallen. We successfully collected the money in 48 hours. However post that, the budget wasn’t enough for the video and a couple of production companies we tried as alternatives didn’t work out as well. So we were stuck when the offer came from Bloodstock to film our set professionally.

It was costing us a fair amount (especially given the rupee value against the pound) but since we already had the money we figured it made sense to get this show filmed. We checked with the fans if they had any issues and offered a refund to anyone who wanted one.

Our fans backed us completely and so we went ahead with getting our footage. After that, let us just say you’ve not seen a worse streak of bad luck and it pretty much took us a year to get it out.

We’re grateful to have it released finally. Our fans supported us through it all and we constantly kept them updated and gave them a money back option at any point which they refused. So all in all it’s done and glad that the footage has been uploaded and made public finally.

Your most recent album was 2010′s The Return To Darkness. There’s been a bit of a break between now and then, but I believe you’re now back in the studio? How are things looking for your fourth album – have you got a release date pencilled in yet?

Everyone in the band has been balancing day jobs with writing music and touring so the process of writing takes a little longer for us than with bands that are, well, full-time musicians. So it’s been about two years in the making and we’ve spent most of 2013 recording and mixing it.

We’re actually almost done with the album and we’re looking at a 2014 release date. So far everything is looking and sounding great so we’re excited to release this.

Your first two albums were distributed via your own label, Demonstealer Records. The Return To Darkness saw involvement from Candlelight Records – how are things different now you’re signed to Candlelight?

Well being on Candlelight has really helped spread our music. When you release it yourself it’s much harder to just manage basic things like distribution and logistics.

Candlelight has just taken that burden off me and also they have a super distribution network in place so our music reaches record stores and fans world over have a chance to get their hands on the CDs. So we’re really happy to be associated with them. We’re on the same label as Ihsahn, it’s almost hard to believe.

The Return To Darkness closed what is referred to as The Darkness Trilogy. Was there an overarching theme or narrative which grouped these records together, and if so, please explain to us what this was?

The story actually came together after the first album of the series A Darkness Descends which though is a collection of songs as a part of the trilogy it would be the beginning where the earth is overrun by darkness and evil.

The following EP Beyond The Darkness is taking the story further following the protagonist on his journey to leave earth and the darkness behind. The lyrics and song order follow the story through and are connected. It leaves him at the threshold where he can go beyond but kind of has to make a big decision. The final part of the trilogy The Return To Darkness sees his return to save the world from the darkness.

The songs and lyrics are again connected in the order they appear on the album. So this is kind of how the entire trilogy unfolds.

Is there much of a metal following in India and how has your music been reacted to at home?

There is a growing metal scene in India. It’s often a lot bigger than it looks because it’s actually a very young audience right from 12 years till about 25 years would be your average audience demographic.

We have always got great support from our fans in India. They’ve been supportive and encouraging and been with us through thick and thin. The response to our last album was amazing.

Do you feel influenced by any form of non-metal Indian music? If so, which?

To be very honest no I haven’t and none of it has ever interested me.

If you had to give up playing the music you currently perform, which genre would you steer towards?

Well if I had to, I’d probably want to be playing technical death metal.

Your music ranges from the orchestral, to the extreme, the melodic, and back again. It’s detailed stuff; who would you say influenced you to have such a range of sounds?

For me personally I would cite everything from black metal to power metal to technical death metal as my influences. Blind Guardian to Emperor to Nile to Origin to Nightwish to Cannibal Corpse.

Each member in the band also has their own set of influences and that does shape the overall sound of the band. Our keyboardist Mephisto brings in the entire symphonic and orchestral sound to the band. So each member brings in their own personality to the songs.

You’ve written a song called Lord Of Pestilence. But if you could be the lord of anything (or anywhere), what or where would it be?

I would like to be the lord of grill most likely. I love food and especially meat so yeah I’d like to be Lord Of The Grill in my own restaurant called ‘Headbanger’s Kitchen.’ I’d be grilling up a lot of good quality beef steaks. 

There’s another track on The Return To Darkness entitled Bound By Blood, Fire And Stone. Do you think this is a good description of how the members of Demonic Resurrection are bonded together?

Hahaha, I never looked at it from that angle but yes you could say that as well.

Is Demonstealer Records currently working with any other exciting bands you’d like us to know about?

My record label is currently shut and I’m only releasing my own projects. I invested a lot of money with my last 4 releases which were Devoid, Albatross, Dimmu Borgir and Demonic Resurrection and I needed to focus on myself because it was too hard to run a label single handily.

I also had 3 releases of my own projects so I needed to focus on writing and recording them so I shut the label down.

I did however release the new Workshop (my comedy rock band) and Reptilian Death (my death metal poject) albums through a new tie up I had with Universal Music India to distribute my releases. Reptilian Death recently signed with Old School Metal Records so that took care of my international distribution as well.

Will the future bring any new material from Demonstealer as a solo artist, or is the focus right now on Demonic Resurrection?

I actually do have the entire album already written. I however will only start recording it in 2014 as it’s a massive project this time and will require some serious focus, planning and dedication to pull off.

So once I’m done with all the planning for 2014 for my current live projects I will work on this during my free time.

Many thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

My pleasure, Cheers & Stay Demonic!!


With a busy 2014 planned, stay up to date with Demonic Resurrection by following them on Facebook and keep an eye on for more tour dates and album details as we get them!

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