Spotlight Band: NESSERIA

Spotlight Band: NESSERIA

nessaria band

Forming in 2006 in France, Nesseria say they always considered live performance as their main goal and form, and can count more than 250 shows in Europe, Canada and Japan. One Album and four splits testify to their continual sonic mutation, the will to keep questioning their sound. Nesseria is more eager than ever to express its rage and disgust through creation and dedication.

You can grab their impressive album  below for zero pence and it is most definitely worth your time. Perfectly sculptured melodically bleak soundscapes merge with huge grooves, randomly delicate passages of almost post-metal atmospherics and topped off with an a suitable vicious blackened hardcore vocal.

Not only are Nesseria combining all the best bits of underground metal genres, each track changes in pace and momentum, it’s incredibly well written and a super polished emotional rollercoaster. Even the instrumental parts envelop the senses and carry you along willingly to whatever next lies in store. The great thing about Nesseria is just that, listen for the first time and you absolutely cannot predict what will happen next in each song yet each offering is perfectly cohesive. Their production is also spot on, allowing each instrument to shine through to best effect in exactly the right place.

Genuinely a release you need your ears on and a band to keep your eye on. Nesseria are now smack bang in the middle of my radar. Well done again, France. You’re spoiling us.

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Listen and grab the album ‘Fractures’ digitally here, :

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