FREE MUSIC: THE BODY POLITIC – ‘Egressor’ EP (Prog Metal)

FREE MUSIC: THE BODY POLITIC – ‘Egressor’ EP (Prog Metal)

British Columbia, Canada  six-piece powerhouse The Body Politic have posted a teaser for their upcoming music video ‘All Hands’ in support of their latest EP ‘Egressor’, which is available for FREE download.

The Body Politic’s EP ‘Egressor’ was released September 16th to follow up their 2011 debut album ‘All Too Human’.  Taking their name from a Clive Barker short story and shifting gears from jazz (which most of the members studied at Vancouver Island University) to progressive metal, the band combine poly-metric grooves, aggressive screams and soaring vocal melodies.

Sounds like the Canadian mob are gonna smash some faces..

Download EP here

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