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PORSHYNE is a complete gem of a prog rock rock band based in Brighton, UK. Think TOOL meets RADIOHEAD meets THE MARS VOLTA. The band formed at the end of September 2013 and the first time I heard them and experienced the incredible sound was at Mammothfest in August of 2014.

Stylistically Porshyne incorporate elements from a variety of genres including delightfully ambient Prog, King Crimson-esque rhythms, and Electronica with an exquisitely emotive clean set of vocals. The live show was met with open mouths and gawping from myself and a friend, Simon Clark of the Monolith. ‘Blown away ‘ is an overused phrase these days but a huge understatement in the case of Porshyne.

With a vocal delivery similar in style to Thom Yorke, Posrshyne’s music is beautifully textured and shows a serious grasp of dynamics. The bands songs all have a groove laden ebb and flow creating an almost trance-like state with semi-closed eyes and moments of being totally lost and holding your breath, and then the heavy refrains kick in and jesus fookin christ, these moments are also timed to utter perfection. I kinda kept hoping the tracks would just continue, and continue. I recall saying to Si at Mammothfest after they said their farewells from the stage, “Er, can they just play one more set? Maybe two? One wasn’t enough, Godammnit!”

The quintet recently released their first official single ‘Warp’ along with an animated video directed by Claudio Sichel. You can check out that video below as well as a previous song ‘Locked In’, which is nothing short of spectacular. Whilst watching and listening, bear in mind this band is just over 12 months into its career.

Only just over a year old.

If Porshyne stick to their guns and don’t fall into the generic Prog trap, I expect nothing less than greatness to be achieved because let’s face it, if Porshyne with this level of distinction can’t achieve success, other prog rock bands don’t stand a chance.

Download a track called Hubris for free here.



Porshyne is:  Fergal Lyden (Vocals, Guitar), Harvey Fenny (Guitar), Jack Hosgood (Bass), Harry Baker (Guitar), Chris Hardwick (Drums)

Twitter: @porshyne / www.facebook.com/porshyne

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