BORNBROKEN – The Healing Powers Of Hate

BornBroken The Healing Powers Of Hate

Well, BornBroken certainly are an angry bunch. The Healing Powers Of Hate seems to do a lot more destroying than healing, smashing into each song with reckless abandon.

However, there’s a fair amount of medio-core metalcore sections throughout the album, which are lacklustre, and dare I say it, lazy. But there’s also a decent amount of thrashy aggression to make your neck ache.

Are any breakdowns which are actually so good that someone would want to hear them as if their CD has got stuck in a loop? Not that I’ve heard. So the absolute insistence BornBroken have on this album of using extremely similar, if not identical, breakdowns as key elements to song structure gets very tedious, very quickly. Bleed The Sky is essentially a four minute breakdown. Not very interesting listening.

With that out the way, BornBroken do have some talent. Reborn From The Ashes is a tight, brutal beat-down, which although still has an irritating overuse of breakdowns is actually also quite a competent song. The title track The Healing Powers Of Hate lays its foundations in a solid, churning groove, and I was actually really enjoying it – but it quickly loses momentum and sinks into a series of slow breakdowns which feel lethargic in comparison. This is the main drawback of the album; any time there is a flash of light, the songs feel infinitely better. But then the excitement inevitably subsides, and you’re left with a stale taste in your mouth.

Unless you’re really into metalcore (and addicted to breakdowns), that is. In which case you’ll probably think this is one of the top 2013 releases. But I just can’t get into that mindset. To see which side of the fence you fall on, you should probably listen to some of the album, since it’s all available to stream for free from BornBroken‘s Bandcamp. Listen here:

The reason I don’t like excessive breakdowns is because they kill all momentum that a song builds up, and I often assume that the band have no surprises up their sleeves if all they can think of is to throw in another one to a track that’s running a bit short. It would be unfair to consider BornBroken as fitting completely into that box, but there’s nothing here that makes me particularly impressed.

If you’re a big fan of metalcore, then you might like this. If you’re not, you probably won’t be that fussed about it.

The Healing Powers Of Hate is a distinctly average album with a hint of something more imaginative lurking behind the obscuring wall of breakdowns. There are moments of inspiration which, far too quickly, are overshadowed.


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