Canadian tech masters Unsacred Seed bolt out of the gate with latest release Frontiers. Set phasers to stun as they weave mayhem in our ears.

Style driven, highly focused material ensure that Unsacred Seed grab you by the balls, scream in your face and then let you get back to the insanity of the music.

Unsacred Seed start Frontiers with a bang with instrumental track Higgs KloZon which displays great skill and musicianship in its short three minute run time. Melodic guitars in the foreground with fast double kick drumming and sweep picking behind set the tone for this album straight away. An elegant segue blends into title track Frontiers with the greatest of ease. This song gives the listener their first listen to the unbridled insanity and creativity that is Unsacred Seed – a fast blackened death metal bleeding into solid grooves and plenty of pinch harmonies.

Sure, a lot is going on in this track, but that at no point is a turn-off. Dual vocals of low guttural growls and Dani Filth-esque highs work perfectly together to create a sound as if obsolete technology is trying to claw its way out of hell. Melody isn’t lost however, the solo brings it aplenty, as does The Gods Themselves. This seems to be the signature sound of Unsacred Seed and precision on this level hasn’t been heard since Crack The Skye by MastodonThe Gods Themselves presents yet more blending of melody and fast intensity and I defy anybody to not enjoy it. Complicated? Yes. Again the dual vocals come into play but give more room to the higher harmony and bringing in more to add to a richer sound.

Eyes Of The Universe begins in a somewhat subtle way, melodic-almost ethereal-guitars meet with a synthesizer to create a full and foreboding tone. Then suddenly they unleash the carnage. Unsacred Seed find themselves back in their comfort zone but in a slightly groovier way this time in the chorus. Later on in the song, layers of guitars are again used to create more melody with a slower riff as the drums blast away unrelentingly. A Meshuggah-tinged song awaits us in Artilects another riff chock full of groove is unleashed from guitars with deep sounds and tones.

A melodic refrain comes completely from left field to take the listener by surprise, and maybe to give them a rest from the sonic carnage that has been on display beforehand. But from there, it ensues once again. So far for the casual listener, or someone who maybe isn’t a fan of tech-death, this album will seem very samey. However for the initiated this album will be exactly your cup of tea.

Temporal Distortions gives groove in the beginning and mayhem unleashed afterwards, including a great section that sounds like a death metal carnival before shifting back into high gear. So far there are little intrusions of dance music synth sounds that add a sense of fun to some of the tracks. Unsacred Seed once again prove that they are masters of the riff with Higher Dimensions (the intro riff is pure groove gold). A short guitar centred melodic refrain frames the song, and the whole album, very well showing that the band can not only master groove and technicality but also restraint and a need to keep the music somewhat tentative at times.

Final song The Watchers is a great ending to this uncompromising album, bursting out of the gate with nothing at all willing to stop it. There is a greater focus on higher guitar harmonies than there has been anywhere on the album up until now. Using them to fill out all of the available sound there is a satisfying wall of sound production to them. And what’s this? Melodic vocals? Well… a melodic chant really, that unfortunately doesn’t add to anything, it’s just there. That aside, this is a great song to finish a completely unashamedly mental album.

A great album for tech fans. Unsacred Seed have crafted a release that could sit happily next to any tech metal classic, but casual listeners may get left behind by the song similarity and what could be seen as a formulaic structure.

Astonishing speed and musicianship are at the forefront of this album, not to mention a sly nod to science fiction. Truly inter-stellar material.

For Fans Of: Meshuggah, Cloudkicker, Death



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