TORN THE FUCK APART – The Dissection Of Christ

Subtle as a punch in the throat, Torn The Fuck Apart aspire to do just that on their second album.

Kansas City’s Torn The Fuck Apart show promise with this slab of brutal, blasphemous tech – death.

TTFA have been hammering away at their anti-religious style of death metal since 2004 however this is only their second album, the follow up to 2009’s ‘Gods Of Gore’. These boys can play, no doubt about it. However, it takes more than fret-scaling and showing off technical ability to make a great death metal album.

When I put on a DM record (or any album to be fair) I want the first track to reach out the speakers and tear my guts out. It needs to be a statement of intent as well as the strongest possible start to the album.  Unfortunately the first proper track on The Dissection Of Christ – ‘God’s Blood Turned Black’ didn’t do that for me. This song is like a showcase of fretwankery & Origin worship. Which is a shame because as the album progresses I liked it more & more.

The songs tend to develop as you work down the track list and show a bit more depth & variety as we progress down the track listing. ‘Dead Religion’ is a cracking song, it displays a bit more of a subtle side to the band (or as subtle as you can be with a band name like that) with an actual hint of melodic groove and I really enjoyed it.

Likewise ‘Decapitated Disciples’ & ‘Crucifixion Infection’ are good tracks which combine their technical ability with more mature songwriting skills.

Unfortunately, album closer ‘Angels Decayed In Dust’ goes back to the overly complex riffing and although the band tries for an ‘epic’ feel, it employs far too many ideas and tries to cram them into 5m30s. I actually found the guitar solos on this track quite annoying and out of place. The closing symphonic keyboard / guitar section I kinda liked though

Every track employs movie / TV samples. Not in the ‘come on get the fuck on with it’ style of Mortician but it does wear thin. I’d ditch them or at least keep them to the minimum. Likewise the bass drops see a touch out of place and as such lose their effectiveness.

This is not a crap album by any stretch. It shows a lot of potential and I genuinely look forward to what they deliver on their third album.



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