THE PECKHAM COWBOYS – 10 Tales From The Gin Palace

This isn’t a warning to beware of dodgy builders and electricians, there’s no Trevor Francis tracksuits from a mush in Shepherd’s Bush or a barber shop where Pork Pie is arguing with Matthew about an old African saying.

This is about 10 Tales From The Gin Palace by The Peckham Cowboys.

This is the second album from a group of musicians who joined together after many years plying their trade with the likes of The Steven Adler band, Quireboys and Primal Scream. Together, The Peckham Cowboys are about to give us a dose of south-of-the-river rock music. Since their formation at a party in 2010 they’ve had their debut album Flog It released in 2011.

Select tracks on this new record have a lyrical content that could be compared to AC/DC, especially the song about the girls from Bromley (another area of Sound London). Don’t Damn The Hypnotist is slower, with a dark vocal style and a good drum rhythm to get those demon hips moving. It’s slow, it’s filthy, it’s like the creepy foreplay Marilyn Manson would have. This is one of those tunes that the kids will hide from their parents.

Poor Boy Blues has a harmonica fused solidly to rock and sounds quite like early Guns N Roses or, again, AC/DC. But this isn’t a cover. This is a rock ‘n’ roll lesson to many bands out there today; this is old school rock sweeping up a fresh bluesy sound mixed with a Cockney swagger.

The style changes throughout, which keeps the passion flowing. The old school style and the reasons these guys have been in inspirational bands before is shown with the gentle She’s Sweet On Me – it’s sort of romantic – but then again, this reviewer thinks romance is a KFC Supercharger meal.

The lyrics to the final song of the album could be the aftermath of drinking the titular Gin Palace dry; “Waking up in a drunk tank / Many people I have to thank.” The punk rock aggression in Eden’s vocals is proof as to why Slash personally invited him to work on the demos of Velvet Revolver before they were named Velvet Revolver

10 Tales From The Gin Palace is one to remember and the band best describe it themselves; Marc Eden and Dale Hodgkinson say that the album “should sound like a fire alarm going off in the burning remnants of the music industry.”

This has a swagger that many bands cannot pull off, this has the talent that a certain music mogul would cream his pants for, and this is dirtier and fresher than an Egyptian mummy in a well groomed tomb.

For Fans Of: The Quireboys, Slash, Guns N Roses, AC/DC, Alter Bridge.


Hugely Enjoyable

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