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You wanna dance? Well, you are about to listen to the right album for that. It’s a nonstop record of fast paced Irish folk music mixed in with a smashing helping of punk. This is 21st Century Loser by the Irish and Scandinavian outfit, Sir Reg.

Brendan Sheehy arrived in Sweden from the shores of Dublin, Ireland, and began to start up a band for the purpose of easing his homesickness. The band then toured the Irish bars of Sweden for many years under the name of BarCrawlers, before the members decided to move on and change their name. Therefore, Sir Reg was born.

21st Century Loser is their third album, pushing the boundaries of punk with its Celtic edge. There are emotional tunes, and passionate vocals led by Sheehy, especially noticeable in tracks such as Walking Into Doors and City Of Tragedy.

The powerful and edgy writing of Sheehy and his Swedish crew, along with their experience of intense touring, brought them the pleasure of supporting The Misfits during a three week European stint. Sir Reg proved they  are able to compete with the best, due to their tenacious attitude and previous hard work.

Influences come from contemporaries such as Oasis, The Pogues, Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys. The passion that 21st Century Loser conveys is second to none; this is an highly emotive record. It is backed well with some powerful fiddle playing by Karin Ullvin, and the impressive playing of the Irish bouzouki by Mats Lindstrom. Erik Dahlqvist’s heavy, pounding drumming brings the band together with a tight vibe.

It’s a beautifully assembled album with powerful lyrics, immaculate instrumental musicianship, and is put together with an in-your-face punk sound – especially the first track Emigrate which kicks straight into their heavy Celtic-inspired sound.

21st Century Loser offers songs of Sheehy’s homeland, and life in a more general sense. We’ll Rise Again is a passionate tune where Sheehy chants “we’ll rise again through the ashes.” Along with the pain he may be feeling in his repeated lyric, “every day is like a hammer to my brain, the constant thumping of the talented drummer makes the listener feel his distress.

Get on board – these guys should be massive. There is so much talent vibrating from this band. It’s like Bad Religion with a fiddle. Listen on your PC, on your MP3 player, in an Irish bar in the east end of London, or in Dublin – or even in Koping, Sweden.

The adaptability of Sir Reg is a wonder to listen to. You want to know why? Because you can dance to it, feel sombre with it, be jovial, or just sit back, relax, and enjoy. 


Hugely Enjoyable

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