SENSER – To The Capsules

senser - to the capsules

Senser are back – with the help of their fans. This new record was funded via the website.

This their fifth studio album, and it has now been four years since How To Do Battle was released.

Since 1995, when their debut Stacked Up was released, Senser have seen members come and go. On this occasion, singer iMMa has arrived to offer her guest vocals to join the rest of the crew and a superb addition. They are back, and I have to say that personally I feel that this has to be their best record to date.

Strong words there, right? Best album to date? I stand by this statement. There are many eclectic musical influences audible in every song, led by Heitham Al-Sayed’s  impressive, flowing, lyrical style, which can change up at a moment’s notice. They haven’t lost their voice, and they definitely haven’t lost their ‘stick it to the man’ persona.

The constant heavy and melodic guitar work from Nick Michaelson matches perfectly up with Heitham Al-Sayed’s amazing and unique vocals. The feeling of every chord, and the tone of iMMA’s voice is delivered with incredible emotion and aggression.

With every drum beat, every scratch, there’s more proof that Senser haven’t lost any of their guile. They should be up there headlining larger venues with bigger crowds, especially since many of these new tracks, that they’ll be performing on their current tour, will make even the sanest mind go wild.

Wounded Spectre thrives on its dark, scolding, and angst-ridden vocals. I sort of thought about Lemmy here; it’s what he’d sound like if he decided to take up rapping. Break The Order has an anarchic punk vibe to it, and Echelon sees Kerstin Haigh striding in with her beautiful voice.

I’ve been listening to this record over and over again. It pulsates through your veins, and it changes the way you feel. Knowing that Senser are still about and fighting for their right to party with their mesmerising music is very reassuring.

Senser are an old flame for some people, a love that your mother has always told you never to go back to. However, seeing this flame and realising how much they have grown, you can tell just how much their music has matured a lot.

The eclectic taste which is present throughout the album is proven again by the track Witch Village, which has a Prodigy feel about it, also Chemtrails where two UK hip hop artists, Junior Disprol and Manage are given time to show what they can do.

That’s always what Senser have been, and still are, about: helping the next generation.


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