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How To Use The Site

The Basics

What is "voting"?

When you see the rating box it means you can rate the artist or album it relates to.

Please note it is NOT a rating for the review itself!

If you decide to vote 9 on an artist page, all accumulated votes are added together and the artist rating is adjusted accordingly based on an average of all votes.

The same for an album. You can either simply rate the album from 0-10 or write your own review. Your own review has no minimum word requirement so you shouldn’t be put off. It’s not a writing competition, it’s simply getting to know your opinions.

Any problems, then fire a question in the forum

Can I rate albums that aren't on the site?

At this time, unfortunately not.

I’ll look at this for future updates, however.

How do I submit an album review?

Either search for your favourite artist and the album title will magically appear in the search results if it’s on the site. From there, simply click the “Write A Review” tab.

If you don’t wish to write a review, you can simply use the “Rate” box, which will add your rating score to the tallied score anonymously.

There is no minimum word requirement for your review so give it a shot and share your thoughts with the world!

Can I rate artists?


Just head to their artist page and use the rate box. This is not tallied with their album reviews score, which are on separate pages.

How To Interact

The Basics

What happens when I click "Follow"

Simply put, when you follow an artist you’ll get a tiny notification on the site when you visit and you can check all the bands latest updates quickly, and painlessly ūüôā

Good, huh?

Why can't I leave a rate or review?

To prevent spam and pointless rating additions to the site, you can only leave a rating or review if you are logged in.

You can register quickly via the link on the home Page. As soon as you are activated, you can happily rate as many artists as you desire.

If an artist you like is missing, fire a question via the forum and the artist will be added if it fits with the genres within the site!

Why can't I see the forums?

To prevent spam and pointless additions to the site, you can only see the forums if you are logged in.

You can register quickly via the link on the home Page. As soon as you are activated and verified with your email address, you can see and post in the forums. (within the reasonable guidelines of course)

You can use the forums to request your band be added to the site.

Ask A Question

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Support Forum

Create a topic in the support forum and we’ll get right on to sorting it.

Email Us

Non urgent enquiries, use email. Anything urgent, try the support forum!

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