Ur Draugr: Debut EP “The Wretched Ascetic” Streaming Now (Blackened Prog)

Ur Draugr: Debut EP “The Wretched Ascetic” Streaming Now (Blackened Prog)

Perth, Australia’s progressive and experimental black metal newcomers Ur Draugr, featuring former and current members of Impiety, Wardaemonic and Morphica are currently streaming their debut EP “The Wretched Ascetic”.

Masterfully merging the heavy, malevolent and dark riffing of Behemoth with the imposing progressive overtones of Opeth and Enslaved, Ur Draugr have created an absolutely powerful and mesmerizing release that displays the perfect contrast of magnificent, ominous atmospheres and heavy, grim riffs.
Richly textured and extremely well-composed, “The Wretched Ascetic”, was released on January 8th and is available here.

The Australian trio are currently working on their yet-untitled first full-length album, tentatively due in late 2015. Stay tuned to the Ur Draugr Facebook page.

Listen here:

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