MADINA LAKE To Split Up After UK Farewell Tour

madina lake farewell tour


The “celebration” as the band prefers it be regarded, will come with a new EP in tow, tentatively entitled, “Buena Fortuna.”

It’s no secret that the UK has been Madina Lake’s home since their launch in 2007. The highly acclaimed debut “From Them, Through Us, To You” enjoyed a meteoric rise in these shores and the band has been consistently expressing their gratitude ever since. “Anyone who has visited our town since inception knows that the UK is the obvious choice to do our big finale!”

Madina Lake’s career has been riddled with challenges. From a turbulent record industry, three management changes, member turmoil and a forced one year hiatus, due to bassist Matthew’s attack and subsequent 5 day coma, it feels more like a victory lap for a job well done. Latest record, “World War III,” as promised six years ago, concluded a trilogy concept that was punctuated with a novel “Lila, the Divine Game,” written by bassist Matthew Leone. The story of Madina Lake is revealed, along with all of the secret messages hidden in songs, album art and at live shows, along the way.

Says Nathan, “It is with a heavy heart, in the tradition of change being hard, but that’s it, It’s time for a metamorphosis”.

“We feel content and grateful for the ambitious goal and dream we’ve been able to realize with this project, and now it will mark the coordinates from which we leap to our next endeavor, hopefully bringing along any of our new friends who wish to join us,” Matthew adds.


MADINA LAKE To Split Up After UK Farewell Tour madina lake band split  photo

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