Exclusive Video Playthrough Premiere: ARCEYE – ‘At First Light’


Today MetalMouth brings you an exclusive look at the new playthrough video from Arceye, a glorious death/thrash band formed in 2004 in Shrewsbury, UK.

At First Light is the title track taken from the bands second full length album released in August of 2013 via Hostile Media which was mixed by Scott Atkins (Sylosis, Cradle of Filth, Gamma Bomb, Amon Amarth).

“‘At First Light’ is one of my personal favourites from the album”, comments Arceye vocalist/bassist Al Llewellyn. “Technically it is a nice display of what we can do and captures the majority of what Arceye is all about. With it being the title track of the album and one we weren’t wanting to make a full music video for, it seemed the obvious choice for a play-through video!”

“As a musician I think it’s nice to watch play-through videos of bands sitting in their rehearsal rooms without the glamour of a full production music video, it’s where they spend the majority of their time writing/rehearsing the songs they play, it’s honest and there’s no hiding behind slick camera work or bullshit!”

“Musically [the song] ‘At First light’ was a collective effort of all of us, it was intended as our first track/set the mood of the album song with a big build up to a fast verse then a break down mid section to get some heads banging!”

“With it being the title track of the album also the lyrical content is about the road ahead/where we think we are as a band which is captured in our album artwork!”

Arceye 'At First Light' LR

The album art (as seen above) was created by Arceye drummer Craig Mackay, “The idea behind the name/artwork is that the wolf climbing the mountain is always hungrier than the wolf on top. We feel we have gone through a rebirth as a band and this album is all about the climb to get us on to the next run of the ladder.”

Order At First Light here: www.arceye.bigcartel.com

Watch it exclusively right here:

Also check out  ‘Brother Disarmed’ the first Arceye music video here:

Arceye Online: www.arceye.uk.com | www.facebook.com/arceye

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