Dead Earth Politics set out to answer the age old question: What happens when a gaggle of highly influential genre defining bands walk into an alleyway and have a punch up after taking a ton of mescaline?

Whether you’re into heavy rock, power metal, groove, grunge (or just metal metal!), there’s a dish for everybody on The Queen Of Steel – so whatever your taste, you’re bound to find something nourishing.

Dead Earth Politics - The Queen Of Steel

However, does so much choice have its down sides? Dead Earth Politics are not a workshy bunch, having shared the stage with some of the titans of modern metal. They have worked hard to put themselves on the map and have created a sound which can be many things to many people. The risk there, of course, is becoming a Jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. The musicality on display here is astonishing, the guitars expertly weaving in and out of solid rhythms supplied by tight, expressive percussion and aggressive, driven bass.

There’s lead work that leaps from the speakers and dances over fantastic grooves before plunging back into the depths. Soaring above all of this are vocals that traverse the realms of excellence. Vocalist ‘Ven’ has a range that defies that of most singers in the metal genre, and most in any genre to be honest. Piercing high end falsettos and powerfully orchestrated clean melodies give way to jaw dropping guttural roars that would make any death metal fan sit up and pay attention. It is here that Dead Earth Politics really demonstrate their multi-genre abilities.

All three tracks available here are fantastically structured and revel in an orgy of genres. It is the work of experienced artisans who, while still honing their craft, have produced something remarkable. The overall production is clear and competent, doing a great job of displaying the individual talents of the group while only occasionally capturing it as a whole on the enormous and epic choruses. Its very clear what era Dead Earth Politics are coming from with hints of Iron Maiden, Alice In Chains, early Pantera and Metallica in their glory days influencing the overall sound while allowing modern aggression from the likes of Lamb Of God, Chimaira and God Forbid to permeate and up the stakes.

All of this ultimately refines down to a release that has a timeless quality, sitting alongside established legends comfortably and still managing to find its own identity.

Confident song writing, inspired song structures, remarkable musical ability across the board and a final product that manages to capture all of these elements functionally rather then exceptionally. 

[button size=”large” color=”silver” text=”dark”]MM Rating: 7.5/10[/button]

Favourite Track: The Queen Of Steel

For Fans Of: Pantera, Metallica, Lamb Of God, Iron Maiden

[sections] [section title=”Track Listing”]

  1. Madness Of The Wanderer
  2. Redneck Dragonslayer
  3. The Queen Of Steel

[/section] [section title=”Band Members”]

  • Ven – Vocals
  • Mason – Drums
  • Will – Bass
  • Tim – Guitars
  • Aaron – Guitars

[/section] [section title=”Release Details”]

Album Title: The Queen Of Steel
Label: Genuine Recordings Austin
Release Date: March 11th 2014

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