ABORTED Offer Up New Lyric Video For ‘Coffin Upon Coffin’


ABORTED’s much-awaited new album ‘The Necrotic Manifesto’ is about to be released on April 28th (Europe) and April 29th (North-America).

Visually, the album’s concept was created by Par Olofsson, who has gained fame by working with acts such as The Faceless, Exodus, Immolation, Pathology, Immortal and many more.

To give you another hint on what is about to assail your ears, check out the lyric video of the brilliant new track ‘Coffin Upon Coffin’:

ABORTED’s Svencho explains:

“The card game starts off with my humble self finding the “Necrotic Manifesto” at a truck stop while taking a dump on tour, reading out passages and unleashing hell on earth. Through the card game players will take on the role of either a band member or a crew member and will have to defeat the legions of hell alongside their maniacal leader: the doctor! All presented with a good dose of dark humor, horror and tons of internal jokes… players will not only be treated to a one of a kind game but in turn, get to know the members of the band a bit better and on a more personal level.”

Head over to http://smarturl.it/abortedCMD and order the format of your choice. Be quick on the box set, as it is very limited.

If you want to check out the track ‘Necrotic Manifesto’, click here:

‘The Necrotic Manifesto’ track-listing:
1. Six Feet Of Foreplay
2. The Extirpation Agenda
3. Necrotic Manifesto
4. An Enumeration Of Cadavers
5. Your Entitlement Means Nothing
6. The Davidian Deceit
7. Coffin Upon Coffin
8. Chronicles Of Detruncation
9. Sade & Libertine Lunacy
10. Die Verzweiflung
11. Excremental Veracity
12. Purity Of Perversion
13. Of Dead Skin & Decay
14. Cenobites

ABORTED online:

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