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Aliases Sept 30th 2012 Ormskirk (7)

In case you don’t know, Aliases are a progressive metal band that inked a deal with pioneering progressive UK Label, Basick Records. ALIASES was formed in 2010, from ex SikTh guitarist Pin, guitarist Leah Woodward, drummer Darren Pugh, bassist Joe Heaton and vocalist Jay Berast, releasing their debut album/EP, ‘Safer Than Reality’ in 2011 to much critical praise.

Their influences include exploding horses, apparently. We’re unsure as to whether this is the Charlotte, USA based progressive band, or actually exploding horses.

Metalmouth caught up with the awesome Leigh Dale right after he had just played his first live gig with his new band Aliases at the Alpine Lodge in Ormskirk on 30th September.

Q. I’m speaking to the awesome Leigh Dale who has just played a blistering set at the Alpine, how did you think it went?
A. It was awesome dude! the crowd were really responsive and everyone seemed to be digging it, We were really on form tonight and we partied as hard as we played, I couldn’t have asked for anything more in my first show.

Q. So to anybody out there who hasn’t seen or heard Aliases live, how would you describe the band and what they should expect?
A. Different, now more so than ever, the band have really evolved musically and continue to do so, The new material we have been working on together is becoming something really special, quirky and most of all, different! I think a market so over saturated with samey bands needs something break free, I personally feel we are heading towards that, I just hope everyone else will see the hard work we have put in and find it rocking when the album hits

Q. So Leigh, you’ve just been unveiled as the new front man for Aliases, how did that come about?
A. I really wanted to try out when the band first started, but other life commitments meant it was completely impossible for me, I’m glad I couldn’t though because Jay did such a good job.

When word went out that he unfortunately had decided to move on I knew I had to try this time, I just felt I could bring something different to the band, I mean, what would be the point in replacing a singer with one that sounds exactly the same? Fortunately the band had the same mentality with me on this and they were really feeling what I could bring to the sound.

Q. Right, so Pin was originally the guitarist in the legendary tech math band Sikth what’s it like being in a band with such a sick genius on guitar?
A. Pin is great, But I think the whole Aliases sound relies on all the members, everyone brings ideas to the table and all the band are incredible players, it really makes the process of writing really cool and constructive, we are all on the same wave length and I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people to work with.

Q. The band already have “Safer Than Reality”, what’s next for Aliases? Are you planning or working on a full album and what can we expect to hear on the next release compared to your EP?
A. We are currently working on a new album, its going great, we have endless amounts of ideas and material is just flying out! The band has really evolved, as any band does and the new stuff is really showing that! It’s incredibly diverse and really pushing some boundaries. It’s definitely going to blow some minds and get people talking.

Q. We all know the music industry ain’t what it was say 10 years ago, mainly because of illegal music downloads, what are your views and how do you think the music scene can carry on from this?
A. Wow, deep! It’s a two sided coin, but I think its down to labels to make this move. Times have changed and so should their tactics to suit, music is still as popular as ever and it’s finding ways to still keep people interested. Most labels miss this point terribly.

Q. Do u think the music world is better off now we live in digital times? Do u think its the way forward compared to physical cd sales?
A. Hmm, it has its pros and cons I guess, physical media was always money maker so actual financing has dropped dramatically. But if you look at it the other way, It’s so easy to get exposure now and even the smallest band can make themselves stars over night with the right exposure. Things like Youtube are great for this

Q. Do you guys have any other hobbies besides, obviously, making music?
A. Caffeine, its the life blood and driving force of Aliases!

Q. For people out there wanting to gain access to music and and info on Aliases, do you have a website or social network page?
A. Through the Aliases facebook I would say, we stay in touch with all our fans and keep it very personal, of course there are other means such as through Basick Records, Twitter etc as well.

Cheers Leigh, was awesome talking to you and I can’t wait till the next assault on my ear drums! Good luck on your new adventure with Aliases.

Check out the Aliases Gallery of the evening HERE

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