MetalMouth caught up with No Sin Evades His Gaze after their recent performance at UK Tech Fest 2014.

We talked about stage personas, alternative payment methods, and the most interesting yoghurt flavour proposed in the history of man. Read on for more.


Hey guys, are you all feeling fine and dandy?
James Denton: Dandy maybe not, but fine is OK. [laughs]

We’re playing question roulette… please pick a number between 1 and 56.

17: Curating festivals is becoming more popular. You’re now curators, and you have to pick three headline acts for a weekend festival.
JD: The ultimate metal festival… that’s quite hard. I’d love to see Whitechapel, they’d be a good headliner… who else…
Moat Lowe: For me, it’d be a prog thing. Probably…
JD: Opeth?
ML: Oh, good shout. I was gonna go fanboy and say one of them would have to be Haken.
JD: Whitechapel… Haken… very weird festival so far. Let’s throw in another weird one for shits and giggles. Pendulum, under Whitechapel.

Interesting choice.
JD: No wait, Pendulum with Whitechapel.
ML: Whitedulum.
JD: Yeah.

no sin evades his gaze tech fest 2014 new video

34: Metal or boobies, and why?
JD: Can we not have both? This depends what mood I’m in. Sometimes metal, sometimes boobies, but I’m afraid overall, boobies have to win.
ML: Boobies have given me more sustenance than metal. So. Generally I think…
JD: Metal isn’t batshit insane and won’t let you down and ruin your life. So for my own mental stability, metal, but for the hormonal mess that I am, boobies.
ML: Sticking with sustenance.
JD: Unanimously boobies. We sell out.

20: When you perform are you you, or do you take on a persona for the stage?
JD: Absolutely take on a persona. I think that before you go on stage, and after, you can be whoever you want to be. But while you’re on, you genuinely have to believe that you are the shit. I think that an audience can see through you if you don’t. You really have to have confidence in what you’re doing and especially when it’s heavy music you really have to get involved with the performance side of it.
ML: Yeah, big time. I come out of my shell a bit more and pull funny faces…
JD: So it’s basically you.
ML: Yeah but a bit more ‘grr’.
JD: It’s maybe not a completely different person, but it’s like an exaggerated version of your own confidence I guess.

8: What would you ask for on your rider if you could get away with it?
JD: Drugs.
ML: I dunno. I’d probably dip into his rider.
JD: We both pick drugs! [laughs]

A big bag of drugs.
JD: A big bag of drugs. Except they wouldn’t be labelled, it’d be like a pick’n’mix

A mystery bag?
JD: Yeah, you’d take one and see what happened. Responsible as we are.
ML: Thank God I’m a first-aid trained individual.
JD: We have a responsible person…

Which isn’t much help if you’re high as hell…
ML: I know.
JD: You could probably write some decent songs on that. We definitely haven’t written some of our songs on speed.

The sincerity.
ML: It would be irresponsible and immature.
JD: Definitely wouldn’t turn out to be my favourite song on the album.

What song is that definitely not?
JD: It’s definitely not Roll Up The Royalty, which is lyrically is also about drugs so it was fitting that we didn’t take a lot of speed before we made it.

30: Who would win in a fight? Meshuggah, or No Sin Evades His Gaze?
JD: Um. Thing is, I dunno. Our drummer is ripped and hench as hell. And Moat is just a behemoth of a man. He’s a gargantuan human being that would pummel and destroy all in his path. But they are from Sweden and a bit weird.
ML: And Jens is a monolith.
JD: I think they’d try some dirty tactics. Some kind of weird black magic thing going on, or tripwires everywhere… so I think Meshuggah would win, but they wouldn’t do it cleanly.

12: Do you have any special items, little charms, that you like to take on tour with you for luck?
JD: Moisturiser.

For the purposes of?
JD: Moisturising.


ML: Mainly my bass.

That helps, really.
JD: Only little things out of necessity. My phone is one, I need to stay connected. I look at the world and say, “how can I possibly like that,” or “how can I unfollow that?” “How can I unfriend that?” No one wants to unfriend a tree but… a plant in the digital world. Mainly moisturiser.
ML: There’s not really anything I take with me as a ritualistic thing…
JD: Even metal people can have nice skin. Next question.

Are you endorsed by Nivea?
JD: [Laughs] it’s only a matter of time.

29: Have you ever had a fight on stage?
JD: No. Had a fight though.

JD: Well… not really a fight. I had an altercation with a sound guy in Scotland… we [all the bands] were using the same rig but for some reason (‘cos we were English) our rig sounded a lot worse on stage. So I blew over the sound guy. He was a really nasty character. I got up in his face and he walked off… I haven’t hit anyone – yet. Though if there was a fight backstage, it’d probably be Moat, hitting me.
ML: I’ve never been in a fight… had words with people but never a full-on fight. It doesn’t look good, and it’s not professional either.
JD: Gigs and metal festivals aren’t the place for that animosity. It’s nice when everyone gets on.
ML: It’s a tightly knit scene here, too. So we try and get along and do the best we can when doing these things.
JD: [To Moat] I fucking hate you.
ML: I know you do.

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37: If cash ceased to exist, what would you take as payment for shows?
ML: Berries.

Any specific type?
ML: No. Any form of berries.
JD: I’d like some commodities we’d actually need, like food and stuff but I’d probably end up just saying drugs, still. Our rider would be drugs, our payments would be drugs. Give us some drugs please.
ML: I’m really happy with berries.
JD: Drugs and berries.
ML: Sounds like a really weird yoghurt.


JD: That’d make Yakult far more interesting.

15: All the other bands playing the same day as you at a festival pull out – what do you do?
JD: Well, I guess we have a much, much bigger crowd. Why did they all pull out? We’d play. Friday becomes No Sin Evades His Gaze day, and the rest… festival days. Yeah, we just play. Except you’ve gotta ask yourself why all the other bands were pulling out of the festival, except us. Is it our fault?
ML: Your fault.
JD: Eliminates the competition though. And you don’t have to worry about setting up times and setting down times. No other bands going on. No Sin Fest. Sin Fest.

What are you doing after Tech-Fest? What’s the rest of the year got in store?
JD: Well coming up next is Bloodstock. We’re incredibly stoked to play Bloodstock. Got an album released on the same day as we play Bloodstock, which has got really good reviews so far. Dom Lawson from Metal Hammer wrote us a lovely review in The Guardian which I was rather chuffed to see.

So after that we’ll be touring the album in the UK. A second video for a single off the album seems likely. And then after that I’m not sure. Oh, yeah we got Mammoth Fest too – a few more fests… Headbanger’s Balls…

ML: That’ll be amazing.
JD: Yeah. So once the summer festival circuit is done, it’s touring and album release.
ML: Playing here and there…
JD: And world domination at some point.
ML: Yeah, that’s there. It’s in the small print.

You’re working on it. Thanks a lot guys, that’s brilliant.

‘Age Of Sedation’, the band’s debut album is out now, listen and purchase here:

no sin evades his gaze age of sedation Album Art - 1500 x 1500

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