Bloodstock 2013 New Blood Stage Preview: DIESEL KING

diesel king new blood stage bloodstock festival 2013

The New Blood Stage exists to provide a platform for the next generation of metal talent to reach a wider audience. From Bloodstock’s very beginning back in 2001 there has been a focus on offering a chance for newcomers – the new blood if you will – to strut their stuff.

The New Blood Stage is an exceptional opportunity for emerging acts to perform in front of Bloodstock’s dedicated audience of metal fans and important music industry figures. Those lucky enough to secure a slot on the New Blood Stage also get to play both Wacken Open Air in Germany and Metal Camp in Slovenia.

Bloodstock’s always supported the next generation of bands and to me it was obvious they needed a platform to show their wares – Bloodstock founder Paul Raymond Gregory


Band Members: Mark – Vocals, Geoff – guitar, aled – guitar, Will – Bass, Bill – drums
Year Formed: 2009
Location: London-ish.
The band at Bloodstock most likely to: Not be invited back



Give me the ‘Hollywood Film’ version of how the band formed and how you came to be named.

We were a few guys who enjoyed playing big dirty riffs, who then dragged in a few more guys who liked to play dirty riffs and picked the best  name we could think of  that wasn’t already taken. I don’t know if there is a “Hollywood film” version of that story, so I’m just going to say that our formation was a bit like the movie King Kong, because it mostly involves  a giant hairy ape terrorizing people.

What style of metal do you play?

The heavy kind

What bands would you say your music is ‘for fans of’ ?

Crowbar, High on Fire, Obituary, Kenny Loggins and T’pau

How did you get your slot at the Festival?

We sent them a CD, they asked us to play.

What’s the first thing you did after you found out you had a slot?

We had a celebratory circle jerk

Which of your tracks do you think will create the biggest wave of headbanging?

Bloodbank, it’s only 3 minutes long so most of the fat sweaty bastards who dig our music can go mental for the whole song without heart failure.

Is this the largest event you have played, and what are the nerves like? 

Definitely the largest event, as for nerves I’m not too worried, it’s not like we are playing with Slayer or anything.

Which band members are likely to have the most incriminating photos  after the festival?

We all take an equal share in making total arses of ourselves

Which bands are you most looking forward to seeing?

All the leather, flutes and dragons Disney-metal shit, we are way into that stuff.

What have been the best moments  for you at previous Bloodstock Festivals?

Waking up with a broken hand and no idea how it happened, getting topless in the bar and dancing to Europe, meeting Ishahn in a toilet, asking Chuck Billy for heroin to inject into my penis.

What is your current release? Explain a little about it….

The Grey Man, It’s our second E.P, It’s like the first E.P but a bit heavier and darker. You should buy it.

Lastly, a set clash with a main stage band, give a good reason/threat/sob story as to why fans should come watch you instead..

Don’t, go see the other band, especially if it’s Slayer.


DIESEL KING are playing Bloodstock Festival on Saturday 10th August



Want to play The New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Festival? If you’re in an unsigned band there are a number of options available.

Offering UK based bands, not only the chance to play at BOA, The Metal 2 The Masses also offers up the chance at playing additional European Festivals the following year. These M2TM events are held regionally in the UK

Other M2TM incentives are held in other countries but do not offer additional European Festivals in the prize pool.

As part of its exclusive sponsorship deal, Hobgoblin will be opening up the search on a worldwide basis, through, inviting acts to submit their videos online from November 2012. The promotion will also run on promotional packs of Hobgoblin from January 2013 where fans will be asked to vote for their favourite act for a chance to win exclusive prizes and a slot on the New Blood Stage. In exchange for their vote drinkers can also win a whole host of music related prizes in an instant win competition.

For acts based in the UK, Europe and worldwide wishing to not apply via either of the above options – no worries – you can still submit your CDs and Biographies to the follwoing address.


Please note only successful applications will be replied to and this may take some time.

All info on applying to The New Blood Stage can be found here:


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