GORGUTS – Colored Sands

The silence has broken. Sleeping for more than a decade, these Canadian technical death metallers make a triumphant return. Glorious and intensely exciting, Gorguts are finally back. You will be far from disappointed with Colored Sands!

For first time listeners of Gorguts: Prepare for a masterpiece of brutality, sheer darkness and memorable madness that will leave you begging for more.

Where do you start with something that cries out for a standing ovation from the start? Every single track that the band present on their comeback record is a sinister delight. This album is the result of hard work through testing times which have seen line-up changes and experiments in style. Colored Sands brings together what you would expect to see from early albums such as Considered Dead and Erosion of Sanity with later, more experimental slices of metal like Obscura. Described as hugely progressive and one of the most influential bands in extreme metal, with the likes of Cryptopsy and Beyond Creation following in their footsteps, it seems like Gorguts have returned to their throne.

Le Toit Du Monde is the grand opener. Deep, dark and somewhat intrusive, it creeps like a vine into your ear canals and entwines with your mind. It brings a wide field of sophisticated and unnerving feelings – shivers crawl down the back of your spine bleeding into all the crevices they can find.

In between these dark moments, the record can only be described as wolves pulling the gears of the nightmare machine, with Luc Lemay’s raw and unearthly vocals grinding on your shoulders. Compelling notes of evil ecstasy torture your blackened soul in the depths of unrelenting madness. You will be hung, strung and veins sliced – sacrificed to the lords of intensity and doom-laden riffs.

That is just the start and if this has not left you sweating for more, then the title track will. It starts with a haunting and ghostly introduction of acoustics scattering through corridors of sorrow and remorse. The slow build-up drags you towards a dying sun, breaking the eyes of maddened minds. Thousands walk, subdued and fixated by the crushing guitar churn. Solos scorch the feet of the weak as they wade through the battered earth of amassed burning corpses. By six minutes in you are met by a colossal bombardment of cataclysmic fury. Your nervous system will be twitching by the end.

When you land on the track known as The Battle Of Chamdo, you are welcomed to a devilishly dark tale. The strings cut into you and gorge into your skull as you become a puppet for the pleasure of demonic clowns. The string section plays a horror scene score, shriveling and fluttering like a moth being nailed helplessly to a wall. This is such an unexpected break in an album of brutality, but is a moment where you can sit enjoy a steaming cup of tea underneath the watch of the chilling moon.

As you progress through the tracks Enemies Of Compassion and Embers Voices you will discover menacing brutality, uncompromising intensity and curious riffs marching through smoky mazes of sadistic thoughts, while immense shredding echoes in the air. From the ground, you will hear sad groans calling from the ashes of people once caged and now dissected for the entertainment of sickened monsters.

You hit the final two tracks Absconders and Reduced to Silence to find what feels like an enormous snake coming towards you through dense, deathly corn fields. The bass of Colin Marston pulsates through the soils as the snake lurches forward ready to eat you whole. It unlocks its jaw, fangs dripping with poison and eyes melting your flesh from your frame. You end up in encased in its wretched gut; the acidic tomb where only the entrails of your existence will be left hanging from its mouth. Finally you will be left cold as the swarms of flies mask you with delusion and the worms try to crawl under your skin.

Colored Sands is an epic album of sheer volume and pure greatness. When you’ve listened to this once, you will find yourself hooked. Gorguts have delivered one hell of an album.

Any death metal fan would be a fool not to buy this and any Gorgut fan should immediately add this to their collection.

The kings have returned.


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