So, there’s this band called Sumer.

I heard them for the very first time when I was a judge very recently at the London heats of Bloodstocks Metal 2 The Masses, and without hesitation, put them through to the next round in a state of heightened aural excitement.

Imagine having sex with a bipolar – progressively inclined – bull elephant. Yep, that’s the Sumer effect.

A band since October 2010, Sumer bring prog rock kicking and screaming into the 21st century with frankly dazzling aplomb. The band, likening themselves to a heavy Radiohead circa ‘OK Computer’, weave together harmonic dual vocals with prog fluidity a la Karnivool’s ‘Simple Boy’ and criminally heavy riffage a la Meshuggah and Tool with eye popping intensity. This is a band that should be very much on your radar.

Check out a track called “Vanes’ here and download it for free, which is one of their gentler tracks. The band are currently in the production stages of their debut full length so I’m hoping they instruct their engineer to watch them live before finalising the mastering, and perhaps listen to a Tool album or three, which is my best comparison I can think of for how Sumer need to sound when fully produced.

The essence of Sumer is also the incredible stage presence and the delivery of their triple guitar attack which surges, explodes and winds down in waves leaving the senses in a euphoric state of jubilant chaos. Music, I can imagine, that would work a treat if used to set the mood in a French high class strip club to be honest, or as an alternative to a Viagra prescription.

See Sumer live in London again really soon and experience them for yourself, they have a gig at Surya in Kings Cross on June 13th playing alongside Beneath Dead Waves, Mask Of Judas and London M2TM fellow competitors, Darkeye. I’ll be there, no doubt looking like owl on crack.

Check out my favourite track here, entitled ‘Pinch Cut’, one heavy mo fo. Download it for free too.

With this much on the table, Sumer have only got direction they can move. And that is skyward. Keep an eye on them, mark my words, because it’s a band I can see myself totally obsessing over.

Sumer are:

Ian Hill
Tim Bonney
Jim Hall
Toby Bonney
Taria Dawson

facebook.com/SUMERBAND | twitter.com/MrSumerBand | youtube.com/MrSumerband | soundcloud.com/sumerband



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