Spotlight Band : FACT

Spotlight Band : FACT

fact band 2014

What can be said to best describe this young Japanese rock band, they defy so many genres they are impossible to pigeon hole.

Pressing play on their second album ‘Witness’ was a real eye opener. Described as a rock band, I expected generic happy melodic pop rock that would leave me indifferent and nauseous, and how amazingly wrong I was!

That said, the tracks have no option to be described as rock, but add in slices of Hardcore, Reggae, Digeridoo, Skater Punk, melodic ambient passages, Dubstep electronica, Jungle rhythms, pseudo-progressive sections and sing-a-long hooky choruses….then add in synths, strings (albeit computerised), woodwind, a polished variety of triple guitar attacks and expertly executed drums and you have a bonafide one of a kind, exciting new sound.

That isn’t to say all of the above are deployed in every track, they aren’t. I’ve never heard such a collection of exceptionally diverse song-writing. It’s aurally and creatively exhilarating.

The vocals contained within FACT change like the British weather between tracks and it’s hard to believe each come from the same vocalists. Expect melodics, often in a punk rock style yet I scarily thought on the track ‘Ape’ that I was hearing a sample of a new Freddie Mercury ‘previously unheard’ track, that turned out to be, yep, an original vocal from one of the dual vocalists. Listen to ‘Ape’ and get goosebumps as I did.

The diversity as previously mentioned, is exceptional.

fact - witness album

I’m extremely excited for this band who hit their national scene just five years ago with their self-titled debut. ‘Witness’ which is due for release on May 5th, is the band’s fourth album through Japanese major label Maximum 10/AVEX and their fifth in total including their debut. More importantly it is their first album as a six-piece with the unusual addition to a Japanese band of an English vocalist, Adam.

If you appreciate song-writing and structuring, true originality and exceptional production you would be hard pushed to find any fault with FACT’s album, even if it isn’t your particular taste (if you’re a death or black metal fanatic for example), you cannot fail to appreciate this.

There’s really only one one possible close-off for this Spotlight, I’m totally and utterly gob smacked.

FACT are:
Vocals – Hiro  / Guitar / Vocals – Kazuki  / Drum / Vocals – Eiji  / Guitar / Vocals – Takahiro  / Bass / Vocals- Tomohiro  / Guitar / Vocals –Adam.


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