Spotlight Band: DEAD SEASON

Spotlight Band: DEAD SEASON

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Dead Season is a French metal band which combines thrash metal influences – sans the traditional standard annoying Hetfield vocal – with extreme elements and progressive songwriting. The band released its debut album “From Rust to Dust” in 2013 and has just released its new EP “Dusting the Rust” which landed in my inbox today.

Suffice to say I’m gutted for missing its April release.

Dead Season Began in Northern France with the meeting of guitarist, William Singer and bassist Nicolas Sanson. They welcomed guitarist Guy-Noel Hoare but after a bunch of gigs and a plan to record a full length, the band entered a dormant phase. However, far from being inactive, the three musicians continued playing in several signed bands – gracing the stage of Hellfest amongst others – but with Dead Season always on their mind they decided to reactivate the band with new drummer, Gregoire Galichet, unfortunately leading once again to a lengthy hiatus.

Determined to record their songs once and for all, Julien Jacquemond, Further Dimension’s singer, joined the band in 2011 and the band at last released their debut album “From Rust to Dust” on 15th of January 2013 via Symbol Music.

In their own words, major influences of the band are Testament, Grip Inc., Nevermore and Pantera. However, Gojira moments and the soaring vocal style of late Floyd also permeate their craft alongside a rather unexpected, yet incredibly appealing jazz groove.

This is most definitely not thrash by numbers. In fact, the thrash elements only provide the undercoat to the overall sound creating a sturdy foundation for the ever changing prog metal gloss composition. Take note: This is not Djenty prog, this is prog rock in styling and should have any fans of Prog Magazine who love their clean vocals heading to Facebook and rabidly clicking ‘like’, joining the other lucky 600 that have also heard their impressive musicianship.

In ‘Dusting The Rust’ each song is very different yet equally enjoyable, often in heavy prog metal there are fast twist and turns specifically aimed at throwing you off guard, not so with Dead Season. The gentle meanders into opposing musical territories within each track really is a joy to experience from start to finish. An engulfing momentum sweeps you along and before you know it, you’re listening to the next track which brings the bipolar emotion of “Need to click replay but want to hear what’s coming next.” It’s hugely engaging and I can imagine, quite an immersive live experience.

If you have any sense of musical taste whatsoever, you’ll check these progressive bad boys out. I’m going to keep a close eye on yet another quality French find. Although a Spotlight isn’t a review per se, this is a resounding 9/10 must own.

Find Dead Season on Facebook.


Julien Jacquemond: Vocals
Nicolas Sanson: Bass
Grégoire Galichet Drums
Guy-Noël Hoareau : Guitars
Guillaume Singer : Guitars.

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