Damian Murdoch Trio

Well, this is a find and a half.

You may be old enough or prog enough to have heard of Ozric Tentacles, well if you have, their heavily grooved instrumental prog rock will have remained with you since you heard them for the first time.

This may end up being the case with Australian/Austrian based instrumental rockers. Damian Murdoch Trio. Except for this band throws in even more musical influence, yet retains a far more minimalistic approach, and a modernised, heavier backbone creating a true beast of a sound.

You’re likely most familiar with Damian Murdoch as the latest guitarist to join German/Swiss heady prog collective The Ocean so you’ll immediately trust in the dude’s ability to make the guitar sing, yep, he does, no worries there. Drummer Michael Posch and bassist Harry Stöckl set an embarrassingly high bar for tightness and the trio form nothing less than a gargantuan six armed shred monster.

What an incredibly exciting, groovy, riff soaked, funky monster it is too.

Check out the confidently bolshy new offering “Jump Rope with Electric Wires” for yourself here. The track is taken from the bands debut album “Electric Tentacles” that was released in October 2013, grab a copy HERE.

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Damian Murdoch Trio are:

Damian Murdoch-guitar
Michael Posch-drums
Harry Stöckl-bass


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