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When We Were Wolves are a five piece post-hardcore wrecking crew from Bridgend/Newport in South Wales who formed in July 2011 who most definitely should be considered a MetalMouth FutureProof band.

In their three short years, the lads have already shared the stage with bands from around the world including Bury Tomorrow, Born Of Osiris, Heights, Bleed From Within, Devil Sold His Soul, The Amity Affliction, and a bunch more and cite influences such as Slipknot, Architects and Parkway Drive.

On October 27, When We Were Wolves release their second EP, ‘Heartless‘ which sees the quintet ratcheting up the viciousness. Mahoosive hooks and groove permeate the five tunes which in fact remind me of a higher BPM Lamb Of God married to Five Finger Death Punch, with an equally  hostile Blythe-esque snarling vocal. Frontman Mitch Bock has a really decent set of pipes on him, perhaps the Welsh pedigree? Regardless, the scope of his ability is obvious.

The crystalline clean side provides the sing-a-long melody alongside the lead guitar work, which does exactly what it says on the tin. It leads the whole shebang and you will find yourself humming the lead guitar lines long after the tune has finished.  That said, you’ll probably hum the bassline too, and the vocal lines..and you will air drum. All in all, pick an instrument and enjoy the frantic energy they all individually impart. To your face. With a brick.

When a band this young can deliver quality on all fronts as this five-piece do, the result is absolutely gripping. And memorable. Check out the lead track from the ‘Heartless’ EP below and it’ll be obvious why they’ve hit my radar.

When We Were Wolves deploy their core breakdowns sparsely but to excellent effect flowing in and out of them with one aim – fluidity rather than stop/start mentality. Don’t get me wrong, they lose none of the hardcore spit and vitriol, but it’s altogether a more finely tuned music experience. With their very much organic song structures in place, all that’s left for you to do is mosh to the grooves. And I defy you not to want to bounce around like a spring lamb to said grooves. Much Headbang. So Energy. Wow.

FutureProof refers to the ability of something to continue to be of value into the distant future; that the item does not become obsolete. I’d say if When We Were Wolves continue along their current road, this isn’t simply a possibility, it’s a fact.

Go get involved in the destruction for yourself in November as When We Were Wolves head out on tour with The Blackout and Yashin. This is a situation where seeing the opening band is an absolute must, and the other two bands are optional.

when we were wolves tour november 2015

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