FALLUJAH – The Flesh Prevails

Fallujah have come a long way from their deathcore roots in recent times, and with this latest offering The Flesh Prevails, the keyword is atmosphere.

The Bay Area death metallers have honed a sound over recent years that has effectively allowed them to explore everything that metal has to offer.

This album begins the same way it ends, with a ferociously delivered attack upon the senses. The intro to first track Starlit Path feels decidedly dreamlike, almost like that feeling of opening your eyes. Just before someone slits your throat at least. Alex Hoffman’s vocals come in a well textured and well timed attack. Dispersed by a jazz guitar interplay its depths feel cosmic and boundary less.

The clear lines drawn between brutality and sensitivity capture an essence of Fallujah that thus far had been left untapped. The atmosphere created throughout the entire album is enormous. Tracks like The Night Reveals and Levitation are all about the atmospherics. The latter holds a certain tech metal vibe that soars and obliterates.

Few albums have the content to enthral and develop with repeated listens but this is one of those deals. Every time this album plays through, the listener finds themselves rewarded with a new texture within the material. This is never more felt than in intermission track Alone With You its instrumental wonderment floats along at a creeping and spectral pace. Allure continues this ethereal glow. As the album creeps towards it’s conclusion in Chemical Cave it becomes inherently clear just how sublimely well written this effort is. Shimmering instrumentals serve in place of vocals for this conclusion, and what a finish this is.

Fallujah have created what can only be called an entirely new style of metal, the collision of which is both soothing and barbaric. 

The Flesh Prevails is a cacophony of sounds that come melded together without anything ever seeming superfluous. It’s intrinsic heaviness becomes intertwined by a jazz sensibility that feels both luxurious and charming. 



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