DISENCHANTER – On Through Portals

Darkness and groove shall prevail with this latest release courtesy of Disenchanter. Pack your air guitars and beers, we’re going riff hunting.

Disenchanter welcome you into their world of doom with a lot more than the assurance that they have what it takes to make you nod your head in appreciation.

A haze of feedback rises from out of the murk like mist in a graveyard. Doom is upon us and we embrace its darkness with wild smiles and open arms. Make no mistake, Disenchanter mean business and are ready to take the doom world by storm with On Through Portals.

Once the aforementioned feedback has faded we are greeted by the doom metal staple that is the ‘Devils’ Chord’ – simple notes signifying the end times may be near. The first track for our listening pleasure is the slow stomping groove of Journey To Abydos – Moon Maid. There is something surprising about this band made abundantly clear in this first track; female vocals. An often overlooked component to this genre that lends a nice break for the ears from all of the masculine shouting. Vocally competent Sabine Stangenberg puts in a sultry and at times seductive performance throughout the record.

Invoke begins with a great bass line that invokes a swaying of the head and nods of approval while allowing the guitars to enter effortlessly with a hearty blues lead break. Restraint is shown through this song, never staying a course with either heavy doom or melodic metal. Rather it treads a line between the two incredibly comfortably, as slow peaceful refrains give way to heavier riffs. Anchored by the drums, the heavier moments give you ample reason to headbang, while in the slower moments the guitars are given room to play with yet more fuzzed out lead breaks. Samey, maybe – but enjoyable, most definitely. The ending hits you like a tonne of bricks, and the solid, stable riff really shows what Disenchanter are capable of throughout just one song packed with hard and fast grooves.

The final song in the offering is the slow pounding rhythm of Into Darkness, a track unfortunately not too dissimilar to the first. Some casual doom fans or maybe those that are not well versed in doom at all may find this to be a turn off. The vocals in the last two songs are somewhat sparse but when they hit you, take note. Ringing through the dark gloominess of the music a ray of light is cast. Fuzzy guitars and earth-shaking bass are offset by the singing in this final track. Into Darkness kicks into a higher gear around the half way point to an almost classic metal sound before dragging you back down into the depths.


Musical intention is something that Disenchanter cannot be questioned about: they know what their music is and they know how to write thunderous riffs.

Disenchanter want to take the listener on a journey with their music. “Where to?” you may ask. I can’t say for sure, but I bet it’s dark.



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