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Dorset-created, London-based: Beneath Dead Waves release Inertia, a début that’s been in waiting in the wings since their formation in 2007. During that time there has been a line-up change with bassist Chad McCamlie and guitarist Matt Reeves entering the fold.

Thye’ve supported the likes of Monuments, Intronaut and Scale the Summit, while headlining slots at venues such as the Purple Turtle and Camden Underworld among many others around the U.K.

Now something new has come to light (or darkness, whichever way you feel comfortable). Eight songs of aggression, talent and a sound that will get those neck muscles aching with a constant banging of the head (get that mind out the gutter).

Beneath Dead Waves start off with a thrash metal track, Nemacyst. The thing about these guys though, is that the album has many styles. Each song is not the same as the previous, and you can tell that they’re influenced by a large range of artists like Lamb of God, Slipknot, Fear Factory and Tool,among many others.

There’s no way to catch your breath as Delirium continues the ferocity that Beneath Dead Waves have put together. Its insanity flows with heavy guitar riffs that track three Deliriant continues, a vicious highlight of Inertia. Superb brutal drumming by Leigh Constanza moves this to the top of the mountain. Listening to this live (which I have) it’s a sound which needs to involve a moshpit.

You Were Nothing has the power to make the blood within the body get boiling hot, and the strength coming from the cohesion of these guys with their heavy melodic riffs, huge bass line, and the adaptable vocals of Draper. There’s an obvious passion within their skills: if this track was removed from Inertia it would be like that time Samson had his hair cut.

Their single, which you can watch below, Imperfect, is more thrash and groove with pure aggression. A Life Worth Taking has clean and screamed vocals mixed with heavy old school guitar solos. If the kids still do that windmill head bang thing (or if you have never tried it) then start off by listening to this track – and enjoy.

The impressive vocal behaviour of front man Joey Draper is immense if not rather concerning. The man may have many voices in his head which means the conflict is heard upon the record; the music flows with how Draper growls, sings, screams and penetrates the microphone with his powerful vocals.

Beneath Dead Waves funded this album themselves and posted Inertia online for free. Check out their new creation below. This could possibly be the new breed. 



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