BANGLADEAFY – The Briefcase

The Briefcase is the latest release from schizoid metal band Bangladeafy – their new lovingly created, and crazy EP. “Bangladeafy – what’s with the name?” I hear you ask. Drummer Atif Haq is of Bangladeshi descent, and bassist Jonny Germ suffers from sensio-neural hearing loss – hence their choice of moniker.

This mainly instrumental release is one that doesn’t give you any melodic introduction. This just goes bang and hits you hard. Or as Barry Scott might say, the job is done. Breezing through each of the short six tracks, Bangladeafy provide enjoyment, and more than one moment where I didn’t have a clue what was happening.

Be prepared before you hit the play button – you will be mesmerised by the technical ability and the pure flow of the drum and bass playing. The sound makes me expect to need a brown paper bag to catch my breath. It’s crazy stuff – this isn’t something that has been thrown together just to get music out into the world, this is something the two guys from Long Island have worked hard on, and made with a mind to also give the world some laughter. There even is some laughter on the record, even if it does, at times, remind me of Monty Burns from The Simpsons

The tracks are based around short bursts of noise, followed by heavy entanglements between the two talented members, while the occasional vocals sounds like Mike Patton‘s style. Jonny Germ’s playing creates noises that I never thought a bass could make – or at least only through Primus‘ Les Claypool.

Show Me The Gold is one of the best tracks from the album – listen to it below! The video is of them playing this song live, just check it out and you’ll understand what they are doing. This really pulsated through me while listening to it – the bass technique plus the constant flowing motion of Atif’s drumming is absolutely awesome. I have no words to describe it, but if I did I doubt they could be printed.

Imagine feeling that vibe in a small venue, the sweat drenched, beer reeking music venues that we all love. This is where I want to start off seeing them.

This is a bass-thumping, hobo-jumping, slack-jawing release that has no discernible genre. The New Yorkers come together to offer you fun-fuelled music with a massive splash of schizoid metal.

Since their inception in 2009, the formidable duo have grown fast. They are like an oak tree standing out amongst weathered bushes that will never grow tall.


Hugely Enjoyable

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