JOB FOR A COWBOY – Metalmouth Talks Digeridoo’s With Tony Sannicandro

Leigh Patton Riding

Well, there is not terribly much to say without incriminating myself on several moral and social ethical boundaries, so lets stick to the music. I have been floating around the London metal scene long enough to seem like Metheuselah to many of our esteemed readership, and am probably most noticeable for being the only person floating around hot, sweaty extreme metal gigs that is wearing a bloody stupid furry deerstalker hat throughout the night. When it comes to The Metal, I have a wide taste, which veers as far and wide as Galactic Cowboys all the way to Brutal Truth. I currently write album reviews for the mighty MetalMouth, and am also branching out into gig reviews and band interviews...I would like to be reincarnated as : Lemmy’s liver. Favourite personal quote: “I’m as happy as a dog with a tin dick”

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