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Hailing from Romania, Pagan black metallers Negura Bunget encapsulate everything that is inherently spiritual about black metal. Their sound transcends the boundaries of the standard black metal soundscape, giving it room to breathe, room to grow and to fester.

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MetalMouth is Changing!

You will have noticed the MetalMouth site is not updating hardly at all recently and that is for good reason. MetalMouth is working on a cutting edge new professional web design….and much more.

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REVIEW: STATUES – Together We’re Alone

Australia has had a habit of late. It’s produced some of the most forward thinking and downright awesome bands. The likes of Karnivool, Circles, Northlane, Twelve Foot Ninja (I could go on) have been spewed forth from that far away rock, and Statues look to add their name to the illustrious list.

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I think we can all agree tha tfive(ish) years is quite a long time between albums, right? Way back in 2010, a little known tech band from London spread their tiny little wings and released ‘Lest We Forget’.